• Indeed. I can’t be the only one screaming “BENEDICT MARTIN GET BACK TO SHERLOCK NOW!!!!” Super loud.

    Also, in French, we had to do descriptions of people. I did one of Sherlock.
    Someone wrote “MORIARTY IS REAL!” On the wall of the bathroom.
    One of my friends thought Moriarty was from Dr Who; she didn’t know who he is.

    Slightly creepy day…

  • The thought of not having benedict and martin woulde be dreadful, they’re just too good!

  • TARDISkey123

    I think it’s Benedict and Martin’s relationship and acting in this show thats one one of the main things that make this show brilliant! Without them it would be… Well, just another show I suppose.

  • *Bounces around with glee*

    It’s funny also because on Saturday I saw a man, in public, dressed as Sherlock. Deerstalker, coat, scarf an’ all! Had to resist the urge to yell IT’S AN EAR HAT!!! out in public.

  • Anonymous

    These guys could keep it going for years to come Defo. One of the best shows on TV by far.

  • Anonymous

    I think that Sherlock wouldn’t be Sherlock anymore without Benedict and Martin.
    So I hope that the series will go on for a long time,
    because who doesn’t like Sherlock?

    • Anonymous

      I agree, they’re one of the vital components  that make Sherlock as brilliant as it is. I don’t think they’ll be leaving anytime soon, both of the actors have shown themselves to be loyal to the show. Freeman was saying recently on the Graham Norton show that he would be happy being in the role for a long time. If they weren’t set on this, they wouldn’t bother commiting to a third series when they have extensive film commitments on. 

  • Imagine Bendict and Martin playing Old Sherlock and Watson…. How darn hilarious would that be!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I really hope they will continue !!! BBC Sherlock is excellent ;)