• Platypus With a Fez

    I wouldn’t mind if she came back, but I’d be equally happy if she didn’t. So I don’t really know what else to say…

  • I’d love for Irene to come back, but like Lara said, it has to be in an awesome way. In the Ritchie films, I love the casual chemistry that Adler and Holmes have, but I hate that they use the character as a sex gimmick, which is something I absolutely *do not* want for BBC’s adaptation. So bring her back, but make it amazing.

  • TheWho-vian

    I absolutely loved “A scandal in Belgravia” so bringing Lara back could be a good idea. But then they would have to top ASIB which is almost impossible. It would be nice as a series 3 cliffhanger if Sherlock stands face to face with her again.

  • ThePowerofRory

    Now, some people may disagree with this, but I would do anything for her to be involved in Sherlocks faked death. She owes her his life, remember?

    • yey i agree and wish that could be true

      • ThePowerofRory

        Yeah :D

  • SilurianGod23

    I would love her to come back. Ahe was fantastic in ASIB!

  • I wouldn’t mind her return; it’s the Daily Mail we have to worry about

    • SuperCalebxy

      What do you mean?

      • When they printed that article complaining about her post-watershed and whatever hehe 

  • whoviansince1993

    She only appeared once in the original works and it could work just as well here if Adler didn’t appear again. I’m not saying that she shouldn’t appear, it would be difficult to make a story out of it. The same goes for Moriarty. Good characters in the original and the BBC adaption but can it work again without being a gimmick. 

  • Katherine Ledson

     I don’t really want her to return but if they could make a good storyline and a good reason why she returned then I wouldn’t mind it.

  • Nike Ryder

    I don’t really like how they rapped up her story, if it’s rapped up, only because she just sort of disappeared. This series so far always ties up lose ends at some point so I just sort of figured she’d come back without question.

  • They have to bring her back! Sherlock saved her and I really don’t think Moffat would’ve had her saved had he not planned for her return. Just my opinion, though : )