• My favourite Sherlock yet, with great performances all round.

  • The Doctor, Islington

    One of my least favorites, really. (Not that it was bad.)

    I dislike when adaptations try to make Adler something more than she was in the Doyle canon. It just seems untrue to both characters.

    • Deus Ex Machina

      I don’t think any characters have been kept completely true to their original portray. They have to be altered to fit a modern setting and better connect with a modern audience. As long as the core essence of the character is there, especially when the story has been modernised, I think that’s okay. I think of them more as new characters based on Doyle’s, rather than the same characters from back in the day.

  • Deus Ex Machina

    Probably my favourite episode. I couldn’t solve it and then you hear the answer and you’re like “Of course, it was so obvious!” As is often the case with Moffat mysteries. I am SHERlocked on this episode. Sorry, I had to say it.

  • Who Fan No 565

    My 2nd favourite episode (after TRF).