• I’m gonna kill myself waiting…

    • lp229

      You’re not the only one! Still I suppose the short bursts and long breaks in between is partly what makes the show so such a treat.

      • Shall_be_lifted_Nevermore

        I actually saw them all at once, so screw Moffat’s “Waiting is fun” speech!

    • anna irizarry

       The wait seems especially long now that the press for it being on PBS is making it all ohhh the new Season 0-o and i’m thinking errr i watched it back in January and it’s how long to 2013…..too darn long thats what it is

    • JimMoriarty

      I’m gonna comfort you :) Ok, I’m gonna take you through a process that might be frustrating at first, then you’ll be like “>:D”, its called The Moriarty Therapy :) Ok, so you need to remember how long thy wait will be, remember every event in your life (Not connected to tv) that will pass during that wait, but then you need to remember what other TV feed we’ll get other than sherlock, we’ve got doctor who, we’ll get to see you in action in the christmas special (:3), we’ll get merlin (If you like that), we’ll get the walking dead (Dont think you’d watch that?), we’ll get all the other TV shows you like, in December you’ll probably feel so much better, then this time next year you’ll almost definately be thinking “job well done, all I need to do is wait”. But honestly, I dont know what I’m going to do on the day that the first episode airs, because of course, it will answer all our questions (Unless Moffat just leaves it out and DOESN’T explain it, which would just kill me….), and I will feel like the last year of my life has been leading to this moment. Oh yeah……

  • I hope john gives Sherlock the punch he deserves!

    • anna irizarry

      I so hope too he gets a good punch….i always found it strange in the books hes just faints and is not mad lol!

      • Shall_be_lifted_Nevermore

        Well, he’s actually mad for about five minutes, and then everything is alright again :P

  • TheSoundofK9

    If Sherlock is filming early 2013, then Moffat is going to have a load on his hands. I mean he has already hinted that Doctor Who will be filming from now way into 2013.

    Also I see every reason for Watson to be angry, after all his supposed best friend made out he was dead, putting him through a hell of a state. I expect some punches and swearing. Anyway I look forward to Sherlock’s return.

  • JimMoriarty

    You know the best thing? Sebastian Moran is the main villain in this story, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes

  • JimMoriarty

    On the subject of this, according to Moffat there is a “Vital clue” that everyone missed. Now, I am VERY observant, in some ways, I even think like Sherlock in some situations. So when he tells me about a vital clue, I had to watch the episode scene in slow motion, and from what I can tell, the small vital clue has something to do with one of three things:

    1: The bouncy rubber (Or is it rubber?) ball he seemed to have in his pocket all of a sudden, watch it in slow motion and you clearly see he puts it in his pocket when he’s leaving the lab to face Moriarty. Maybe it had fake blood concealed inside it? Maybe it had a drug that thickened his blood cells, giving the impression of no pulse, and is injected when Sherlock lands, by a man pretending to be a doctor? Or maybe its something else?

    2: The garbage truck that was VERY coincidentally placed next to where Sherlock would land, and how he drives off as soon as Sherlock jumps. I mean, if you saw a man jump of a building, you wouldn’t just drive off would you? Maybe Sherlock lands on the garbage (Or is it garbage, it could be something fluffy like pillows, or maybe even fake blood that explodes when he lands on it) and rolls out onto the floor? I have a feeling the truck is more likely to have something to do with it than these other two.

    3: His phone that he throws to the ground, after saying “Thats what people do, isn’t it? Leave a note?”, so who knows, there may be a message on that phone that everyone missed. Maybe he sends a message to the truck driver telling him/her to do something, or maybe he sent a message to someone else, who knows?

    Only time will tell, and I wish it went faster…..