• Anonymous


  • Ooh… cliffhanger?

    • Calebxy

      At least this time we won’t have to wait over a year for the resolution. :P

  • Is that morse code?

  • the cliffhanger will have something to do with Moriaty, seeing as the episodes important

  • Anonymous

    Number 9 looks like Morse Code.

  • Pdurston

    “I want my mummy”

    AHHHHH!!!! That sounds similar to the Gas Mask Zombie!!!!……..

    • I thought that too 0_o WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE

      • Pdurston

        Watson get’s infected and becomes a Gas Mask Zombie:

        Watson: Are you my mummy?
        Sherlock: Come along Watson, the time for silly games is over.
        Watson: I want my mummy?!
        Sherlock: Too bad, she isn’t here!
        Watson: ………..Are you my mummy?
        Sherlock: Shut up!

        • Watson:… Mummy?
          Sherlock: I. Am. Not. Your. Mummy.

          *Hound eats Watson then spits him back out, completely normal but covered in saliva*

          • Pdurston

            *Then Watson says to the Hound “Are you my mummy?”. Hound runs away, fed up* 

          • *In annoyance, Sherlock eats John*

  • Lol Elvis!

    I can see it now…

    Sherlock: So… Moriarty…
    Moriarty: Of course it is. I’m a consulting criminal…
    Sherlock: With “Staying Alive” as your ringtone. How ironic.
    Moriarty: Well, I have a hell hound on my side…

    *Elvis walks past*

    Elvis: ThankYouVeryMuch!

    *Moriarty is given a letter*

    Sherlock: So Bee-Gees for ringtone, Elvis as a messenger?

    • Pdurston

      How ironic it would be if Elvis then sang ‘Hound Dog’? Considering this episode is based on the original The Hound’s of Baskerville lol.

      • Hehe….

        Moriarty; I’ve never seen this man in my life.
        Elvis: *Faces hound* YOu ain’t nothing but a hound dog… Cryin’ all the time…
        *Hound eats him*
        *Sherlock takes this opportunity to leg it*

        • Pdurston

          *Sherlock get’s out a lightsabre in case the Hound gets him*

  • Pdurston

    “Funny doesn’t suit you. I’d stick to ice”

    That preety much sums up Sherlock quite well actually lol :D

    • It could be Mycroft though. Iceman…

      • Pdurston

        Oh yeah of course. It could be…….

        • Btw you wrote “preety” instead of pretty lol

          • Pdurston

            Thank you :)

            I’m only human……wel I’m not actually, I’m a silly Time Lord……

          • *Well

            Lol ;D sorry.

  • Weatherwax

    I put the dots and dashes into a Morse Code translator helpfully provided by google, but it didn’t translate. It might just have been me though, so does anyone know if it really is Morse Code and if so, what does it say?

    • Anonymous

      Use google to find a chart. I tried but it dosent make sence. Perhaps it was initials for something?