• I think that, from what we’ve seen, that Moffat is going to go down the same road that he did with The Doctor for Sherlock. John even said in The Reichenbach Fall that Sherlock was getting too big, and that he wasn’t a ‘private detective’ anymore. If everyone was to think that he was dead, then he would be able to go about his work. Perhaps giving anonymous tip offs to the police (Gang locations, planned bank raids, etc)

  • Hmmm… interesting. I must say, I’m not overly disappointed because I’m interested in seeing a new creation. But I am slightly sad at the fact they don’t want to do any classic villains.
    But on another note, I really like the way they’re going about Sherlock “hiding in plain sight” it seems perfect, especially for Benedict’s potrayal. Hurry up S03!!!

  • It somehow feels like Moffat is borrowing ideas from his other shows:

    1. The Doctor ‘died’ but lived
    2. Both decided to hide away after getting too famous
    3. Both seem to have people who don’t trust them.

    Not complaining, just pointing out.

    • Kahler_Jex

      The Doctor and Sherlock are quite similar, so it’s not really surprising, but there are plenty of freash ideas from Moffat in both shows.

  • Kahler_Jex

    This sounds great! I am really looking forward to Sherlock Series Three!

  • No Moran? Well, I’m a little disappointed by that, I’ve been looking forward to Moran being adapted this way since I first read The Empty House.

  • On the subject of Sherlock, it’s 1st March. Filming begins very soon on Series 3 :-D