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Sherlock: Filming Begins on Series 3 “The Empty Hearse”

Sherlock-Series-3-The-Empty-HearseSeries 3 of Sherlock began shooting today and the first episode title has been confirmed.

Mark Gatiss’ opener is entitled The Empty Hearse.

The story is loosely based on Doyle’s novel The Adventure of the Empty House. A nice play on the title.

The writer himself broke the news on Twitter along with a picture of the clapperboard.

As reported previously, the episode is directed by Jeremy Lovering.

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  • ThePowerofTheDoctor

    The Empty Hearse?

    A hearse is used to store the coffin in a funeral. So it’s empty? Something to do with Sherlock’s faked death, surely? :-D

    • John Smith

      Yus! – l know l spelled that wrong ^_^

    • Jordan Isaac Goodier

      I thought that too but realized that Sherlock’s already buried. It’s actually a type of vehicle used to transport a body to a funeral. So a carriage or, these days, a car. I think the main case of the episode will involve a missing body, but not Sherlock’s. I could be wrong of course, but… his fake body’s already buried.

      • Desariella

        Unless the episode starts just before his fall and then continues from Sherlock’s POV up to his funeral, then jumps to where we left off.

        • Jordan Isaac Goodier

          That could work! XD

          • Harry Jewell

            It was make the episode seem more different from previous versions of the Empty House!

  • John Smith

    Moffat and Gatiss made us wait so long. Why prolong the agony with these teases?

  • Narrow


  • Alistair3900



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