• The Empty Hearse?

    A hearse is used to store the coffin in a funeral. So it’s empty? Something to do with Sherlock’s faked death, surely? :-D

    • Yus! – l know l spelled that wrong ^_^

    • I thought that too but realized that Sherlock’s already buried. It’s actually a type of vehicle used to transport a body to a funeral. So a carriage or, these days, a car. I think the main case of the episode will involve a missing body, but not Sherlock’s. I could be wrong of course, but… his fake body’s already buried.

      • Unless the episode starts just before his fall and then continues from Sherlock’s POV up to his funeral, then jumps to where we left off.

        • That could work! XD

          • Harry Jewell

            It was make the episode seem more different from previous versions of the Empty House!

  • John Smith

    Moffat and Gatiss made us wait so long. Why prolong the agony with these teases?

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