• ThePowerofTheDoctor

    Oh my word! I was half expecting a Moriarty return, but this…. I can’t contain myself!

    • 4th Jack

      It was amazing, wasn’t it! Thankfully it wasn’t an ending as painful as the Series 2 ending, where we had to deduce how he survived! Now, we can simply look forward for Series 4…

      • Qbrain

        we now have to deduce how sherlock and moriarty BOTH survived..

        • 4th Jack

          hahaha. Yes, I suppose so. I think the story Sherlock told Anderson was the correct one. There’s no reason to believe that Anderson was hallucinating it at all.

          • Qbrain

            its one of the most popular theories and I thought the same, untill I watched the episode. After sherlock tella it, it is Higly implied that even the 3rd theory is wrong, and having moriarty back is more likely a confirmation of “we dont know anything yet” then a underlining of “the sherlock version was the correct one”..

            I am really, really curious if moffat and gatiss are going to make up the next 2 years hoe they both survived or actually had this idea from the start of the reichenbach fall…


          • 4th Jack

            Yes, I see what you mean now…

          • Greg Chipman

            In ‘The Empty Hearse’, Sherlock presents a perfectly acceptable and rational theory as to how he faked his death. Anderson, quite rightly, has some questions about the method but there’s no reason why it didn’t happen like that. You may believe what you want!
            – Mark Gatiss

          • Qbrain

            well the third theory presented by sherlock on andersons camera was indee the most plausible one (and also my own in front of the episode). However, the first episode and now even the last bit of the 3rd episode got me thinking again. I mean. Why would sherlock starts explaining “there are 12 ways to get out” in a rational to Watson if the solution was a “cop out” in his eyes. If the solution was already picked in front, he wouldn’t need to do that and not even tell Watson.

            Also, we know Moriarty is still alive now. prehaps the way sherlock survived and the reason moriarty survived are linked and therefor not tolled yet.

            Or I am wrong, which obviously makes a lot of sense as well ;-)


  • ClassicWhovian


  • TARDISType40

    And I got the wording spot on from my earlier comment! But I did scream- this is Geronimo!! And yes I am ecstatic to see Moriarty again!

  • 4th Jack

    Well, when he shot himself, there was no gun. The gun wasn’t visible in the shot when he falls. I suspect that has something to do with it…

    • TARDISType40

      And the speculation begins…

      • 4th Jack

        Yes! And let the speculation be good!

    • Calebxy

      That cannot feasibly be anything other than a continuity error.

      • 4th Jack

        Never be too certain, my friend. Who knows? *dramatic voice* Who knows?
        Now, the east wind blows…

        • TARDISType40

          Moriarty has returned
          the game has begun… (again)

      • I’ve heard you dismiss peoples’ ideas many times before; and all those times, it turns out they’ve had a point… Hm… ;)

        • Calebxy

          Such as when?

    • My thoughts exactly. We heard the noise from the shot, we saw him fall, we saw the blood. We never saw him die…

      • 4th Jack

        Yes! Damn their clever minds! Why are they so clever?! MOFFAT! GATISS! WHY? hahah

  • The rooftop scene… It’s back.

    • HAL likes aardvarks

      Your comment…It’s back.
      Have to agree though.

  • It’s funny how the last song he listened to was “Stayin’ Alive”.

  • mark27b

    So the Moriarty and Sherlock kissing faked fall theory may be true lol.

    • 4th Jack

      hahahaha. Yeah, I hope not.

  • RaggedyFaller™

    Not fully happy. I wish they left him dead, feel free to dislike my comment all you want.
    You’re only human….with an opinion!

    • TARDISType40

      Yeah, I am getting the sense of “Everybody lives” but lets be honest they are too good/evil to stay dead!

  • TardisBoy

    Best. Episode. Ever.

    • Calebxy

      Really?! I was quite disappointed by it, and I really don’t see why everyone seems to like it so much. Nothing significant concerning the case happened between Sherlock being shot and the climax. I didn’t think it was exciting at all.

    • Calebxy

      Oh, and hello again.


  • 4th Jack

    I really hope that Moriarty stays for the remaining, supposed, two more series. I’m quite OCD, so I would prefer either 3 villains, or 1 villain throughout the show. Only two villains makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason.
    But I really embrace Andrew Scott’s return.

  • RaggedyFaller™

    Hm, I’ve warmed to Moriarty being back. But that episode was more beautiful than Anne Widdecombe in sling backs and stockings.

  • Paddy

    Hopefully not another 2 years to wait!

    • Oliver M. Canstree

      They say season 4 will be back for Christmas 2014

  • DalekOswin

    Oh my god I fangirled for five minutes straight after hearing he was alive! My friends think I’ve gone insane :) So glad he’s back, he’s one of those villans like the Master or the Joker that you just have to love. Hoping for Sebastian Moran to be in the next season with him!

  • Dan Howles

    In the post credit scene, is he saying “miss me?” or is he saying “miss me.” as in the shot on the roof missed him? We have over looked (missed) him. Or is he stating, miss me. What if he isn’t in the next series and this is Moffat’s way of saying this.

    • Sam Haigh

      He had the gun in his mouth…that would have been a pretty awful shot to have missed! aha

      But that is if what we saw was indeed the truth of what happened on ST Barts roof. Maybe Sherlock and Moriarty were in cahoots and both needed to seem dead for different reasons..who knows with these writers!

      Personally I think Moriarty is dead, yet he planned for his death by several recordings knowing that Sherlock could potentially evade death. I then hope someone has taken over the reigns to for-fill the evil deeds to terrorise Sherlock and ultimately England. My hope then would be as a result of the recordings we still get to see plenty of Moriarty in the next series, but also the new villain that is his side-kick (as people have mentioned this Moran character seems the most likely) is very different but hopefully just as good. Similar maybe to the Joker/Bane contrast in terms of Moriarty mental and exciting like the Joker, wanting to ruin Sherlock’s life, whereas the new nemesis could be like Bane in terms of not as smart as Moriarty but with a plan (set by Moriarty) he executes it to perfection.

  • Shahryar G. Hashemi

    I don’t think he is back. I think it is a master ruse to make us wonder who is truly behind it all.

    • The greatest weapon

      The Master is behind it? Well, that’s news.

  • Guest

    Not happy if he is. It would utterly negate all that Sherlock and John went through over him. Ugh. Much as I loved Andrew Scott as Moriarty, I think this is a bad idea.

    • Deus Ex Machina

      On the other hand, you could interpret that as a “look at all that Sherlock and John went through last time, so what more could it possibly take to stop him?”

  • Thunder025

    I don’t think that Moriarty is still alive.

    However his legacy clearly is. I mean, the series did a good job of showing that he is kind of an anti-Sherlock thus, he might also have a fanclub of his own.

    He could also have staged his death just like Sherlock, but I guess that would be just too easy.

  • Joel Mole


  • Jim Moriarty is dead his empire remains. It’s been hiding a lot over the past few years Sherlock making a small dent in it. This is Sebastian Moran’s way of saying The Empires back.

  • DoctorPotterHolmes007

    I think he was seen to many times in the series that it is not such a shock or cliffhanger as it would have been if we hadn’t seen him earlier or even in the same episode…

    • That was only in sherlocks mind this is more global

  • Castrovalva

    Didn’t anyone die on that rooftop?

  • Deus Ex Machina

    His death at the end of series 2 was brilliant and really unexpected, adding to why it was so great. It seemed like a good end for him. Having said that though, I am excited to see him back because, look what it took to stop him before, and that didn’t actually even stop him. I guess it just depends how they handle it, but I trust they’ll get it right.

    All will be revealed in 2 years I guess.

  • FutureCompanion001

    Couldn’t believe it! It simply isn’t possible! Moffat and Gatiss are f..king geniuses!

  • Timhogan

    I do so hope that Moriarty’s death was a fake though and not him actually being dead and this being something set up before he died. My first guess though is a body double. For someone in the power that Moriarty was in, it couldn’t of been that hard to have a body double, could it?

  • The Oncoming Hurricane

    If he’s not actually dead – then I think Mary is the actual eIf he’s not actually dead – then I think Mary is the actual equivalent of Moran in the adaptation – I’ve expanded on this theory here:quivalent of Moran in the adaptation – I’ve expanded on this theory here:

  • Earthborn

    Please let moriarty be back. He must be one of the best TV villains out there. He can never run out of material

  • Sharaz_Jek

    I actually think it could be related to Moriarty’s brothers. They are mentioned in the books and we haven’t seen them in the show yet

    • Pemberton Cumberbatch

      Perhaps that is the meaning of the Three Musketeers reference after the credits?

  • The greatest weapon

    For the whole episode I got some very weird vibes whenever Sherlock and Mycroft (Sher and Myke?) talked. I reminded me a lot of The Empty Hearse theory that Mycroft was in on the whole Moriarty thing all along. So I would definitely think it could be true, except his reaction was too believable..

  • Jojo

    I’m confused. Holmes is always in the news, with Watson alongside. Magnussen, being a news mogul, would have known about both of them, particularly because Sherlock’s brother is MI6, and is, apparently “owned” by Magnussen. Why then, would Magnussen’s personal assistant (who clearly holds an override key to opening the elevator to Magnussen’s office) be allowed to go to a wedding for her friend, Mary (whose identity Magnussen would have figured out before the wedding)? The greatest (consulting) detective in the world (a national celebrity) and his MI6 brother, the army doctor sidekick and his mysterious assassin wife…all tied up neatly to Magnussen by his PA, Janine? “What do we say about coincidence?” I have a feeling Sherlock didn’t actually kill Magnussen. Mycroft wanted him in a windowless room. The whole episode began with Sherlock already working on a “case” – which was to be noticed by Magnussen in the papers as having a drug problem (his “pressure point”). This was all planned by Sherlock and Mycroft. I don’t know what to make of Moriarty coming back into the picture. Thoughts?

    • Jojo

      Sherlock was very adamant about Watson bringing “the gun” to Appledore, which is suspicious, not only for the obvious reason that Sherlock could have tampered with it, or even replaced it to fire only blanks, but also because Magnussen would have had his security agents check for weapons before allowing them into his home (as they did when Magnussen visited Baker Street). Why let them pass through unchecked this time?

      • ccc

        Not to mention the fact that the gun was in John’s coat. A coat Sherlock handed to him before they entered the helicopter

        • Jojo

          They made sure that we saw the precise timing behind Wiggins’ formula (even showed a countdown clock), and they also showed us Magnussen drinking every last drop of his “rare and expensive” drink…could it be that Sherlock tampered with Magnussen’s drink and timed it perfectly? Fired a fake gun at him to give the appearance he was dead, when he actually just fell down from the same concoction used to knock everyone else out?

        • Jojo

          What’s more – why did Magnussen’s body guards check for weapons when he visited Baker Street, but not when Holmes and Watson went to Appledore? Watson would not have been allowed a gun inside the mansion…I have a feeling that Sherlock had to fake Magnussen’s death in order to draw out Moriarty again. Since Magnussen didn’t check for weapons, I have a feeling that Magnussen was “owned” by Moriarty (who is the superior nemesis in all of this). Magnussen may have been in on the whole thing himself, considering the oversight on security, in order to be protected from Moriarty by appearing dead.

  • The Doctor, Islington

    I”m hoping this is all a ploy by someone connected to Jim, like (hopefully) Sebastian Moran.

    I like Jim, but he can’t last forever – he fulfilled his purpose. Sherlock won. Reichenbach was perfect, the perfect end for him.

    We need new villains. Look at Magnussen; he was an absolutely brilliant archnemesis in a completely new direction. We need more antagonists like that, not the resurrection of a character whose death was already so beautifully sealed, both

    literally and thematically.

  • Adam

    Or cheap parlor tricks to conceal your true identity, “Moriarty”?

    -See what I did there? God I love always being right.

  • Adam

    Or cheap parlor tricks to conceal your true identity, “Moriarty”?

    -See what I did there? God I love always being right.

  • Jojo

    Perhaps the Moriarty we know is actually Sebastian Moran in this iteration. The real Moriarty has yet to reveal himself…

  • adam_148

    Well, in the original novels, James Moriarty had a younger brother, who was also James Moriarty.
    Now, they could play with this, and change the Moriarty siblings from being brothers with an age gap to identical twins, who take turns going out and causing mayhem and messing with Sherlock. Now one’s dead (but the body wasn’t on the roof when the police got there) and the other’s still kicking around.

  • M Lynn Walker

    Just where is Johnlock a possibility? I’m just not seeing this whole supposed “subtext” and I don’t think the writers are seeing it either, especially reading their interviews.

  • M Lynn Walker

    Take a look at my fine lawn. Then step briskly off it.