• Stormegeddon, Dark Lord of All

    He certainly likes the F word…lol

  • The Beholder


    Cumberbatch!! O_o What has happened to you since series 2?? You’re smoking and now you’re swearing!! XD

    But yeah, in all fairness, its good to hear they’ve got something figured out. With all the hype for Doctor Who, I wouldn’t have thought Moffat and Gattis would have time to write something, but it appears they have! :D

    • Haha, the picture really sums up how he’s coming accross to everyone XD

  • Theta_Sigma

    oooooh a skydive in NZ this either means the Hobbit has gone Xtreme or its in the next star trek movie!!!!

  • doctoract


  • Whitney Howard

    Hmmm Sherlock, where have you picked up the language????
    Haha, glad they’re starting filming in January, I can’t wait for series 3! Just make sure you don’t actually curse like that in the show!

  • The answer to his question of “why” a US network is pimping their own (that’s a funny way to put it) version of a modern Sherlock is simple. Network television in the USA is quite simply, with few exceptions, entirely bereft of creativity, originality, and integrity. The US networks are whores, and this is their latest attempt to bend over, kneel down, and accomodate.

  • I don’t know if I’d really like him. I hate talking to someone when they stick the F word into every situation.

  • I reckon the swearing makes him more human and less “OMFG It’s Benedict Cumberbatch!” Though that’s just me *shrugs*

  • The_Silent_Shadow

    I wish they’d shut up about Elementary! Even in posts where it has nothing to do with it they put it in! Everyone has gt to stop bugging them about it! Benedict is FINE with it, so people should shut up about it! He’s now being asked about it in every interview!

  • I was shocked at his f***s… you know when you see somebody on TV or in interviews you’re like “he seems cool” and then you hear something like they sware of smoke, it does shock you. But oh well. It’s nothing to care about, he’s [dispite Sherlock] human :) Can’t wait for series 3, I hope it’s a big payoff and I’m curious how they’re going to end the series as so far, every series has had a killer cliffhanger for an ending!

  • I’ve said all along that Elementry would suck conpared to Sherlock and I was right. When you conpar the two there is no conparson. That being said if you can stop yourself from conparing the two well Elementry isn’t all that bad. It just dosn’t have the same level of greatness that sherlock has.