• 1st pic in the background it says “The Woman” “The Hound(s?)” and “The Fall” most noticeably and I can see Moriarty’s name there too

    • Where’s Moriarty’s Name?

      • Above where it says The Woman look there it says it really, really faintly.

        • Can you work out what the one above it says. I can see 

          – = illegible letter

  • Martin Freeman is BILBO BAGGINS!

  • The photos look amazing! Can’t wait till January 1st

  • Jerry the Time Tomato

    Heck. These. are. So. COOL!!!! *Has sherlock-nerd spasms*

  • i don’t really like the look irene though but that just might be me

    • Anonymous


      • didn’t we just have the same fight on another page?

        • Anonymous

          not fighting just sherlock banter

  • Anonymous

    lara pulver is bang