• Couldn’t agree any more. Also I’m an ant today.

  • I loved the phone scene at the beginning, it still makes me laugh my head off since it was so unexpected

  • Meg

    I loved it. The fact Sherlock deducted that Irene liked him after she denied it, and him not liking her back but still saving her, was a swift kick in the rear end of typical romance. I’m happy Irene was so independent, and didn’t seem like every other bad-ass female, going all wish washy. It felt weird watching this episode, but it was probably because it was different to see them doing something new after the 1st series episodes , which I’ve watched many times.
    I also give it 9/10

  • IT WAS GENIUS!!! ANd the hat!!! And his text alert… O_O

  • Pdurston

    Yes, it was masterful writing by Moffat yet again. Truly astounding. It was still as fresh as it was in Series 1. Brilliant, rich, visceral, intelligent, sharp, and the unique, intriguing plot twists was what made this episode top notch. The wait for this too I think definitely paid off.

    I also agree with you on the cinematography and the visuals used in this. They add a such an edge and contemporary feel to the show that benefits it stylistically. And its used correctly too.

    So yes, this one I loved. I enjoyed the wonderful nod to classic Sherlock Holmes with the iconic Deerstalker (that was a brilliant reference that was done really well), and the highlight of it all for me and others has to be Moriarty’s ringtone LMAO!!! Of all the songs that had to be his ringtone, it had to be Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gee’s :D Though the sense of irony with using that song was spot on.

    II can’t wait for what next week’s brings us. The Hound of the Baskerville’s. I’m looking forward to seeing how that classic is portrayed.

    For now, this episode was 9/10

    • Rory McKeon

      *Hounds of Baskerville

      • Pdurston

        Sorry, I was using its original title, which is in fact ‘The Hound of the Baskerville’s’. I’ll refer to its episode title then, which is the one you’ve provided :)

      • hey rory , remember the letter? :)

  • This truly was a fantastic episode, what i thought was simply stunning was the slow motion scene when sherlock says a crazy funny word, and opens the safe and the gun shoots as sherlock ducks and they all begin to fight, that was incredible :)

  • Best scene? Tie between the SHER-LOCKED scene and the scene when Adler was about to get beheaded. Let me tell you, pants were shat when that text noise came up.