• PK-S

    Another quite wonderful review, David, as ever and one I wholeheartedly agree with. I would possibly give His Last Vow a whopping 10/10 because it really was that good.

    Another eloquent and engaging review – alas, Sherlock is only three episodes long meaning less of these wonderful analyses.

  • The Administrator

    Great review! This is really my favourite episode! And you wanna how how Moriarty survived?

    He was in the Tesselecta

  • 4th Jack

    Destroying the planet? My God….
    Would he really go that far? Is he getting the Daleks as back-up, this time? He seems to want to rule the world. Why would he destroy the one thing that motivates him?
    Then again…. he is crazy

  • Sharaz_Jek

    Why is no one mentioning Moriarty’s brother(s) from the novels? They seem to me the best bet after Moran has already gone

    • rena

      Moriaty doesn’t have brothers.

      • Sharaz_Jek

        Professor Moriarty in the novels has brothers. Moriarty appears in two stories, Final Problem and Valley of Fear, and both times brothers are mentioned: a younger brother working as a station-master, and another brother called “Colonel James Moriarty” (appearingly with the same first name)

        • The Doctor, Islington

          Ah, Doyle – his memory was never terribly strong.

          It’s mentioned explicitly in The Final Problem that Watson published the story to combat pro-Moriarty rumors thrown around by the Colonel. So we know at least one of them was loyal to him.

          • Sharaz_Jek

            Yeah, Doyle was horrible at keeping track of his own continuity (then again, he was one of the first to write in this format, if I’m not mistaken). For example when he called Watson “James” in Scandal in Bohemia. I love how Moffat and Gatiss explains this by making the H. stand for Hamish :P

          • The Doctor, Islington

            Well, Doyle never did see any worth in them, so I doubt he cared to remember.

            He himself was a terribly interesting figure, actually – and not too far from his most famous brainchild.

  • FutureCompanion001

    Best series finale ever! Couldn’t stop jumping around my bedroom when it ended!

  • rena

    In The Reichenbach Fall Moriarty blackmailed the jury hnthe same way that Magnussen did. Could they be linked?

  • Greg Chipman

    Do people honestly think this is perfect television? Okay, The Reichenbach Fall was perfect television, I’ll concede; it got everything right, but this episode’s script has its problems, mainly relating to structure.

  • Greg Chipman

    Also, is B a joke? The computer code never existed; it was a fabrication playing to Sherlock’s talent of catching the uncatchable.