• 4th Jack

    Is it me, or does John look really tanned?

    • TardisBoy

      He has been on a honeymoon… ?

      • CoolFez

        Its not a honeymoon its a sex holiday.

      • 4th Jack

        Oh, of course! That’s probably it!

      • Clara Laurinda

        It COULD be as simple as that, but in this series, is ANYTHING ever that simple?

    • thewonderingspace

      Perhaps breaking into someones house

    • Clara Laurinda

      Actually he looks slightly charred around the edges as if he’s been in some sort of messy place iclcuding an explosion. Or maybe he just looks sad? Or both.

  • doctorforpresident

    captn adelaide brooke is back !

  • Joel Mole

    Yet another doctor who guest star joins Sherlock

    • Clara Laurinda

      Yes I saw that! Looking forward to her performance! Haven’t seen her in awhile (well, since Waters of Mars, to be exact)!