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  • i’vegotkidneys

    the wait is on

  • PK-S

    Oh God – something awful’s going to happen, I can feel it in my bones.

    Mycroft.. don’t go against him.. *sniff*

  • TheOncomingFish

    Oh wow, this looks amazing! I’m hoping that since the first two episodes were more light hearted this one will be really dark and less focussed on comedy.
    Can’t wait!

  • The Oncoming Hurricane

    MYCROFT! *shakes fist*

  • Calebxy

    Hopefully this will be more case-focused.

  • Who Fan No 565


  • Deus Ex Machina

    And still no Australian air date announced. I’ll give them until the end of the week, otherwise I may have to resort to other, less conventional methods of watching them.

  • 4th Jack

    I reckon Molly may die. That’s my prediction. I hope not. I love Molly. But I think the writer may have the nerve to do so. Someone will definitely die, I think. They need a finale bigger than the last Series 2 one. By killing off a character, that’s how they’ll do it.
    Actually, I don’t know. Quite a poor prediction. Oh wait! No! This episode is so hard to predict. Dammit, Moffat! Why?

    • Joel Mole

      What about Watson? He made a vow in the Sign of Three which will probably be broken. I hope that doesn’t happen but it could

      • 4th Jack

        No. They wouldn’t kill off Watson. If anything, possibly Mary. But not Watson. Having said that, the cliff-hanger could have Watson under serious threat. But Sherlock would somehow save him.

        • Joel Mole

          Fair enough

  • Finally, a Moffat written episode!

  • The_21st_Doctor

    I think Mary could die, she’s dies in the books shortly after she’s introduced and it’ll be hard to top the last series finale without killing anyone

  • FutureCompanion001

    Looks amazing as always. Hope nothing happens to Mary! Love her too much!

  • Based on the fact that Sherlock’s last vow was to keep John, Mary and the baby safe, I’ve got a feeling that not everyone will make it to the end of this episode. And by that I mean I think that Mary will die.


    Well, if we go by canon then it’ll be Mary (and horribly the baby too :( ), but let’s not forget…there’s no Molly in the stories. Molly could die. I’d hate that, but it could be coming. I’m a little fuzzy how many stories Mycroft is in, but would they dare kill off Mycroft?? ARGH. The last one will be dark, I just know it.


    I also should say that my husband thinks that Mary’s big secret is that she was either originally assigned to John by Mycroft to keep an eye on him or assigned to John by CAM to destroy him. Falling in love with him was an unexpected event. My husband thinks that will be her big secret. Also, Mycroft could be the one in danger this time as he was skipped over by Moriarty. Is that his hand on the operating table in the trailer? Is it his office hallway that Sherlock is running down so frantically? So many theories, so little time.

  • Scott Lines

    In the original story CAM is killed by a woman who was blackmailed. Sherlock & Watson witness the murder but do not intervene. I think Mary will kill Cam and either A) She will be arrested and become a prison mom – leaving John devastated B) Sherlock takes the rap, goes to prison thus fulfilling his Last Vow.

  • Maisie

    I have come to the conclusion from this trailer, that maybe Sherlock didn’t intend to fake his death, maybe he did just actually jump thinking he would just die, or most likely worked out a specific way to land which wouldn’t kill him instantly. And that hand moving/shocked surgeons face is maybe Sherlock waking up.