• A_Persom

    I like the frenzied nature it adds on to the drama of the episode.

  • HAL likes cheese

    Well, Channel 9 in Australia hasn’t got its act together and given us a release date. I can’t hold out any longer – I’ll be watching these episodes online.

    • Deus Ex Machina

      Here here!

    • rena

      Oh! I only realised now you’re Whovian Down Under. Eek.

      • HAL likes cheese

        Crikey, I’ve been discovered!

        • rena

          Your description gave you away.

  • Ilidia Manuela Da Silva

    can’t wait to see it

  • 4th Jack

    9/10? So, it’s as good as The Sign of Three? I hope it’s better. I think the scoring is a bit wrong, or too bias. The Empty Hearse got 8/10. I would have given it a 7 (or, if I was cruel, maybe even a 6?). Then I would give Sign of Three a 7.
    The reason why I say this is that the past two episodes weren’t worth an 8 or 9. They were still really, really good. Great even. But they aren’t worth that sort of score.
    I know everyone is going to attack me for saying this. It’s only my opinion. The reviewer is allowed theirs as well. I know that. But I don’t think they were worth that score. I think it’s bias. I think the reviewer is trying to appeal to the fans good will, by giving it a higher score. Or that could just be their opinion. (But I highly doubt that, seeing as though these episodes were no where near the standards of Series 2) Despite all this, I have still enjoyed Series 3.

    • ShalkaDoctor

      It’s all subjective. Your version of “great” clearly differs from Cult Fix’s. They just liked TSOT more than you. Doesn’t make anyone right or wrong or biased.

      • 4th Jack

        Yeah, I suppose you’re right. I just thought it seemed unlikely, that’s all. I don’t think The Sign of Three is deserving of a 9. Past series reviews of Sherlock on this website have been given that score. I couldn’t understand why, as TSOT episode was so far from the previous Sherlock quality. But, like you said, it’s their opinion. And everyone is entitled to their own.

    • For the record personal ranking would be:

      3. The Empty Hearse
      2. The Sign of Three
      1. His Last Vow

      The scores are meaningless really when trying to compare. It’s all good TV.

      • 4th Jack

        Agreed. I’m sorry if my comment sounded a bit off. I was rather angry when I was writing it. My apologies. Thank you for the reviews as well. I’ve checked the site regularly and they’ve always given such detailed, and interesting information.

      • Greg Chipman

        Why do people give scores? It distracts from the actual review.

    • Maisie

      Everyone’s a critic


  • M Lynn Walker

    I think this reviewer is underestimating the fans. We know which character and something about Magnussen’s hold over that character and what is going on. The clues are certainly there to be picked up.

    • Are you basing this off the books? Because it doesn’t follow that exactly. Certain things are, certain things are completely different.

  • David Havers

    So which character dies in the episode that;s what i want to know,. Not long to wait to find out.

  • Thanks for the review! =)
    I have no clue what is going to happen, but that’s how I like it.

  • Ah OK fair enough. Not really been keeping up with hardcore fan speculation, so what transpires came as a genuine shock. Well, how it all plays out still will even to the hardcore I think.

  • Calebxy

    So this episode is really, really dramatic? Like The Rechenbach Fall? Excellent!

  • joncon95

    A big cameo for fans? Ah I can’t wait. Who could it be?

    • DalekOswin

      Moriarty, oh god please let it be Jim :D

  • DalekOswin

    Very clever :) I’d picked up on the telegram and the Liar thing but none of the other stuff

  • rena

    And also how did Mary know the number to Major Sholto’s room?

    • adam_148

      I imagine she asked the receptionist.

  • Brilliant review! I’m now immensely excited for the episode, despite not being entirely won over by the previous episodes.

    I do think that the sentence regarding ‘a shocking twist about one of the characters’ was an uncharacteristic part of a spoiler-free review though. It has already set my mind buzzing and, come Sunday, the revelation will be dampened for whoever of us who guessed it right. Others may not agree with this criticism, but I just felt it needed to be said.

  • The War Braden

    “So just how on earth is… [spoiler redacted]?” – Please be that Moriarty is somehow alive, I love Andrew Scotts performance so much.

    “The shocking twist about one of the cast members.” – I’m guessing this is referring to CAM’s telegram to Mary in SOT, has she been blackmailed into getting close to John, or even Sherlock?

    Big cameo treat for fans, well that could be either Irene Adler or Moriarty, both are possibilities.

  • Gunslinger19

    at the beginning of this series I wanted moriaty to stay dead, but now I miss him so much I think iv changed my mind.