• FutureCompanion001

    Can’t wait! Especially for the stag night!

  • ClassicWhovian


  • “Watch out Doctor, Sherlock wears yet another new hat” Fezes are cool after all :P

  • Deus Ex Machina

    My guess is that “The Sign of Three” refers to the three people signing the marriage certificate, i.e. the bride, the groom and the witness.

    • FutureCompanion001

      Good thinking.

  • Friend of the Ood

    The sign of three weeks pregnant…?

    • FutureCompanion001

      Interesting thought…

  • A_Persom

    I bet that Irene Adler will be the one that returns briefly..

    • I’m betting on Charles Augustus Magnussen myself. I’m assuming he appears by the end with the full finale being based on him.

      • The Oncoming Hurricane

        ‘From Sherlock’s past returns’

        How can it be Magnussen if he’s not been in it already?

        • In the books, Sherlock already knows who Magnussen is. Just because this is the first time we’re seeing him as an audience, doesn’t mean it’s the first time Sherlock’s seeing him in the show.

          • FutureCompanion001

            Good point. But he could still reference Moriarty…

  • Jarditvoretollperidanahv

    Perhaps he wears one of those russian hats.

    • rena

      Or a fez!

      • Jarditvoretollperidanahv

        I hope not, just after Smith has left :(

  • Edward ElriC


  • Friend of the Ood

    I nailed the title explanation!!!

    • Brayde Who?

      gosh I didn’t. I thought it was the 3 writers. Quite close though.