• TardisBoy

    15. He’s watching

    Moriarty? Sherlock? The new villain who I forget the name of because it’s difficult to spell and pronounce?

    • TARDIS44

      Charles Augustus Magnussen ;)

      You can thank me later

  • TardisBoy

    So Sherlock hearts Moriarty does he?

    Tumblr will have a field day…

  • Say Bye to Whovian Down Under

    Well, we know that Anderson has a moustache, but only one is real?
    Does that mean Watson might be faking it? Oh well, if his fiancé likes that sort of thing…

    • ThePowerofTheTwelfthDoctor

      Or it could mean a Sherlock disguise? XD

  • ThePowerofTheTwelfthDoctor

    12) “Those were your friends?!”


  • TardisBoy

    9. Someone gets a new partner

    I guess that Mary tags along with Sherlock for a bit – could explain why she’s on a motorbike with him in the trailer.

  • 4th Jack

    This is really exciting! Can’t wait!

  • PK-S

    14. The screaming girl.

    The Ambassador’s daughter in The Reichenbach Fall?

    • FutureCompanion001

      I think it is, because Donovan’s doubt didn’t start till she screamed, not of it really did.

  • Delusion

    EEEEeeee!! fanboy inside me is bubbling.


  • jellybabyeater

    Brb dying of excitement