• The Administrator

    Great Review. Really looking forward to seeing this when it airs.

  • SkyFaller™

    I can’t wait.

  • TardisBoy

    Excellent review! I’m so glad Molly has a lot to do, I love her! And Lou Brealey is a stunning actress!

    I really cannot wait for New Years day now though! *O*

    • SkyFaller™

      Oh she is a stunning actress

  • Mark M

    Great Review, I’m now even more excited for the episode. I’d wish it was new years day tomorrow, but then I’d miss Christmas. Glad to hear a lot of the supporting cast will feature.

  • Samuel Kesler

    I’ll bet the “couple of surprising visitors” will be The Doctor and Clara.

  • K-Ci Williams

    There’s also a couple of surprising visitors to 221B Baker Street that you won’t expect…I knew it! The Doctor is popping over. Oh he’s not? That’s a shame

    • Nomaan Malick

      Matt left, get over it now!

      • Nosliw Rennoc

        She didn’t say the 11th, she could have ment any of the Doctors.

        • Nomaan Malick

          Er…sorry and WTH K-Ci is a ‘she’?

  • John Smith

    Irene Adler will be our mysterious unexpected guest…

  • Who Fan No 565

    Great review!

  • mark27b

    Martin Freeman’s real life wife, Amanda Abbington…err, I don’t believe she is as they are not married which is why although they have 2 children together he had no reason to pay the £120k tax she owed the people of the UK and she was declared bankrupt earlier in 2013.

    • Thanks. This has been amended.

  • Yusuf

    I can’t wait! Great review

  • Maddie Dalrymple

    Brilliantly baffling review. I was there on Sunday so know what you’re talking about and agree with you except for the fact I think the episode is designed primarily as a 2nd part of Reichenbach and set up the series rather than an individual case, which fits with his being ‘away’. Well done for confusing those who’ve not seen it though! I bet after Caitlin’s comments the broadcasted episode is a bit slicker or else I will have to try and spot what she meant re a possible gaff. I didn’t spot it during the screening. Can’t wait to see it again.

  • Joel Mole

    Just checking something… was the surprise visitors Sherlock’s you-know who’s or Molly’s you-know who
    (conscious of those who haven’t seen the episode yet)