• TardisBoy

    Excellent review, David. A really enjoyable read.

    I for one did not mind that the bomb plot wasn’t as exciting or as well realised as some of the other cases that Sherlock and Watson have been on in the past. I loved this episode due to the fact it was very character driven, as opposed to being all about the “big case” that needs to be solved. Therefore the episode was filled with a lot of emotional, poignant, and hilarious moments.

    It was just what the show needed to start the new series – start off small, build up to something bigger and then end with a bang; which is exactly what I think they will do. The primary purpose of this episode was to show the repercussions of Sherlock’s death and how, after 2 years, it has affected the lives of those closest to him – and in that respect the episode excelled. The direction and the music were also stunning, as is expected from the show.

    So all in all I feel inclined to give the episode 9/10. The boys are back; and boy have I missed them.

    • Calebxy

      I must admit, I would have preferred it if the episode had been a fair bit more focused on the bomb plot, but I still thought it was very good. Funnily enough, I didn’t really mind the resolution to it. Even though it was a bit of a cop out (by literary standards), everything this show does manages to seem brilliant anyway.

  • David Havers

    I thought the first episode was OK. I would give it 6 out of 10 and that’s mainly due to the acting in it.

    • TARDIS44

      Were you watching the same thing? I found the acting to be outstanding, some of the best I’ve seen in a TV series.
      It was the plot that was a bit thrown around, but compelling all the same

  • Matt Gavin

    The thing I’ve always admired about Sherlock is the way it’s tied in character development into the plot. But here it’s like 1/2 of “Sherlock’s back!”, and then you get the flimsy bomb plot. It all feels very separated and inorganic and I found it difficult to get into the episode. So far, it’s the only episode I have really not enjoyed and I’m struggling to give it more than a 3 or 4 out of 10.

  • TheTimeLordsChangeTheFuture

    Does anyone know who does the music for Sherlock? Because I noticed during the episode at some point they used the same music that was used in the Doctor Who episode Doomsday just after the Doctor and Rose got separated.

    Molly assisting Sherlock was a highlight for me, but they have great chemistry. The best part for me though was Lestrades first words to Sherlock, so funny!

    • Matt Gavin

      The first two series were done by David Arnold and Michael Price, I would assume they’re still doing the music.

  • Calebxy

    Ok, how about this theory:

    Molly provided Sherlock with a special drug which makes him limp (dramatically increasing one’s chances of survival), as well as an inhalation system hidden up us sleeve. He also has some thin, light padding underneath his clothes, increasing his chances of survival that little bit more. Thirdly, he’s Sherlock Holmes. He makes sure he falls and lands in such as way so that he has the best chance of making it out alive.

    The combination of these three things (as well as immediate medical attention) allows him to survive, and without too many injuries.

  • youneverwouldyoucoward

    I thought it was decent starter. I’m worried about episode as it might be more character driven than plot driven. Sherlock is a detective series so it should focus on that more. Obviously character development is important too.

    7/10 for the episode.

  • TheOncomingFish

    Can you imagine the conversations Gatiss and Moffat had discussing the sort of theories the conspiracy theorists had, considering they knew we’d all think they were how Sherlock actually did it.
    “I know, let’s have him BUNGEE JUMPING off the roof!”
    “Let’s have him and Moriarty giggling together and putting a mask on a Sherlock dummy!”
    “OH MY GOSH. Let’s make Sherlock and Moriarty KISS!!!”

  • i’vegotkidneys

    i’d give it an 8/10