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Red Dwarf XI: 3 “Give & Take” Review – Cult Fix
  • combat_honey

    It was indeed a fantastic episode. ‘Twentica’ left me a bit cold (yet also reassured me that the show is still light years ahead in quality from the poor series 7, 8 and 9), but both ‘Samsara’ and ‘Give and Take’ have been utterly joyous. They exceed even the very best of the wonderful return to form that was series 10.

  • I’m glad you enjoyed it so much, as well as me; it really was great!

    I loved last week’s episode too, but this takes the biscuit. It is thoroughly Red Dwarf, and, as you say, the mix between sci-fi and comedy hits perfection, while allowing for some interesting character study at the same time!

    This is a true classic.