• I’m so, so happy that Red Dwarf is not only a thing again, but an unquestionable success, in a way that is only possible through fantastic writing, seasoned yet enthusiastic actors and a channel that is genuinely willing to fund the ambitions of the creative sorts (in this case, Doug Naylor, of course). Series X was absolutely stellar, an exemplar Red Dwarf series well-deserving of the title, and Series XI looks well set to do the same.

    I won’t lie- this isn’t the best episode ever. There are aspects that weren’t completely original, perhaps, and not quite of the high standard set by the 2012 run. But there’s such a rapport between the characters, and the situation is generally so ridiculous, that it’s simply a joy to watch, and if this standard is maintained, I see no reason why Red Dwarf can’t remain a staple of UKTV’s repertoire- in fact, it’s flagship show, surely- and continue for as long as the four actors and Mr Naylor are happy to go on making it.

    A success, indeed, and a worthy one. I can’t wait for more!