• The Mysterious Time Traveller

    Brilliant well done david :D

  • Fantastic article David! Though if it were me; I would have put Abbey at number five. But overall I agree with your top choice. Those two characters made Primeval the show it was! And it was all down to Douglas and Juliet’s magnificent acting; the show went down the pan when those two characters left.

    Wonderful job!

  • Peripherus

    Fantastic, couldn’t agree more. I’m sorry Ken Leeds won’t have anymore screen-time to grow and develop, especially since his story didn’t reach its conclusion.

  • AmyPondIsAwesome

    Great article!

    My list would go something like this:

    5. Jenny
    4. Dylan
    3. Becker
    2. Helen
    1. Abby

  • Who Fan No.565

    Great article David!
    I’ve only watched series 1 of Primeval ( don’t kill me ) but I love the character of Nick.

  • I never realy got the end of series 1.

    • Peripherus

      They left some of the future predators in the past, and they changed the timeline by effecting/living in the past, causing a ripple effect that changed the present day.

  • TwelthTheDoctor

    Great article. Who did you contact to write it, and how did you decide what to write?

    • Thanks. You can contact Cult Fix in the Contact tab at the top of the page.

      Sorry for the delayed reply.

  • Blarg

    Can’t read this, makes me too sad :(