• ThePaternosterGangIsAwesome

    Great article. My favourite creatures are the future predators and the raptors.

    • Thanks.

      Yeah… I should have included the raptors actually. I’d somehow forgotten them. I’d have them at Number 3.

  • an_impossible_astronaut

    Great article, and I agree with you on the Fungus Creature and the Future Predators! The Fungus Creature episode was one of my favourites of the whole six series!

    It’s just a shame the original series never got to answer the unsolved questions before it was cancelled… again.

    • Thanks.

      I know. I’d hoped that when Connor returned in The New World, there’d be at least a brief mention to Matt’s enigmatic doppelganger. But alas, no…

  • Amazing article!

  • MrJimiTheFish

    Brilliant! You just named 4 of my favourite creatures on primeval (never watched New World). Would’ve put Rex on number 1 though.
    Rex, I liked!

  • Blarg

    Oh, I miss Primeval. :(