• jk kid

    yay 2 ppl return from old series

    • jk kid

      3 danny comes at end

      • Binky1234

        OMFG Danny is still alive!!!!
        *Starts hyperventaliting*
        Oh … my …go-od, Danny is… is …still alive *O/*

  • dont you mean episode 1.1 and episode 1.2? not 4.1 and 4.2 but anyway thanks for the synopses and times and just can’t wait till it aires!!!

    • No, it’s the first episode of the fourth series hence 4.1, and so on.

      • ohhh, now i get ya.

  • cultfix, please if you know can you tell me the music to primeval series 4 trailer?

  • Jack_97

    I never thought it would be so early!

  • ifzkinifz

    oh, sounds cool, only a week to go!