• Forever Donna

    Fingers crossed

  • I hope they is a 6th series because I really miss Primeval

  • I really hope there is a sixth season of primeval and interested to see where it my lend plus they could also do a crossover with Primeval new world. I own all the seasons on dvd but will still be watching it on the t.v every saturday x

  • bluebox444

    Hopefully even if the original Primeval does not return, characters from it will continue to occasionally reappear in New World, including Abby.

  • Rory Williams

    Now I am a fan of Primeval but I felt series 4 & 5 were just disapointing and lost all of the momentum and suspense the show had built up. Series 4 was more entertaining but I hated series 5. I really hope New World and Series 6 restore the show in my eyes.

  • Tommyharris2006

    My son tommy, age 5, absolutly loves this program and when we heard that ITV was showing a new series he was very excited as he thought it was going to be series 6. He was very upset and disapointed when he started to watch it and learned he had already seen it. He has the whole collection of dvd’s and watches them all the time. So please please please make a series 6 as i dont think my son will ever get over it. We all as a family loved sitting down on a saturday night to watch it, and very much enjoyed it too. When it went over to watch we could still watch it, but it was better on ITV on saturday’s. please make my little boys dream come true, or at least give him some hope that Becker will still be in it and not die. From Tommy’s mum. 

  • Zingy

    I loved the latest series, but also I really dislike it. The episodes are brilliant and don’t disappoint, but there’s still something inside me when I watch it that makes it “not good.” Ever since the original cast but two were killed off it just doesn’t have the same feel that I really liked. Cutter died. Steven died. Claudia Brown problem was never solved, which was a let down.  Helen died. Abbie and Connor have completely changed. For a show to blossom it’s got to have roots which dig a solid structure, and they’ve cut off the roots.

  • me1 m

    It would be great if  another season was made, because there are still some lose ends.
    I have to admit it took a while to get used to the new team and style, and I do miss the crew from the first seasons(especialy Cutter and Claudia/Jenny), but I’m really glad that Andrew and Hannah are still in season 4 and 5 (that I watched recentlly). They are great together!
    And I would like to see another season!

     I’m not so sure about New world …but we”ll wait and see.

  • It would be interesting to see Hannah in New World. I’m so jealous that she’s married to Andrew! NOT FAIR!!!!!!!! >:P

  • Smithfishe

    Primevil is one of the all time great series.  If the writers of Stargate (another favourite) can produce so many episodes of Stargate surely the writers of Primevil can produce more episodes.  Primevil producers, writers, actors and special effect teams are brillient, the different stories in each episode, with a underlying ongoing theme, excellent special effects, personel frictions and ongoing romances really make it gripping. 

    I really hope they produce a 6th and 7th and 8th series.  I dont like the idea of New World because it moves away from what we have come to love (didnt go for the Atlantis versions of Stargate either for that reason) Its the characters and thier stories, interactions, twists and turns and adventures which make it compelling to watch

  • Katie

    I adore this show. I own all five series and I watch them too much. I can quote every episode (sad I know) I’m not keen on this new world, it sounds like they are cashing In on primevals established franchise. Knowing Andrews in it, I’ll watch it. There are so many possiblitys for series six, I beg and hope there is. Ie in series 3 Helans cloning device was never explored, the two futures didn’t match from 3&5 but they were meant to be the same place? And more importantly the two Matts! I know series 5 didn’t do well I itv but what did they expect they sold out and we had to wait years! But it used to get 5million viewers and I firmly believe Primeval can still be massive if they give it a sixth series! Please! Please! Please bring it back even just to tie loose ends and show Connors and Abby’s wedding:)