• Anonymous

    I hate that they said that series 5 would wrap everything up and it wouldn’t end on a cliffhanger or anything… but then it DID end on a cliffhanger (of sorts)!

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      Could just be a ganger off Doctor Who…Be cool a Primeval/Who crossover!

      • Anonymous

        lol. Good point. :P

    • Anonymous

      No kidding. I was really hoping that wouldn’t happen…still, it may help to bring about a sixth series.

    • They did not mention that it wouldn’t end on a cliffhanger. They mentioned it would simply have a conclusion at end of season 5, and it will be an ending that can also be picked up if a 6th series should get picked up. I watched series 5 online cause i live in USA and dont know how to watch the show on TV here. But although it was a sort of cliffhanger, it can also be a conclusion.

      • Anonymous

        It cannot be a proper conclusion if it also has a cliffhanger. The two ARE mutually exclusive. 

  • well i saw series 5 cuz they released it on dvd,lolz :)

    • Had it recorded onto disc from Sky at my relatives ;)

      • Arcane

        one of the reasons why they cant afford to to make a new series. How bout buy it maybe…

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  • ThePotterheadWhovian

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  • Really this is good news. I love this show! and i wish there was a place were we could pitch in our ideas for episodes as id love to put my two cents in! 

    This new primeval spin off sounds interesting. but there will be a bar. I mean Primeval was amazing and if they make a spin off they have to make it reach the bar that its big brother left it! 
    Still no answer as to weather Both Connor and Abi will be included in the series mind?

  • Anna Silletta

    ditemi che non é vero!!! tutta la mia famiglia aspetta la 6 serie. Finalmente c’era una serie affascinante, istruttiva e ovviamente fantastica………e ora scopro che è finita!!!!!!
    Quì in italia è stata sottovalutata……perchè preferiscono guardare la TV spazzatura…..aspetteremo il 2013 nella speranza di rivederli tutti.

  • Ben bice

    I am your number 1 fan. I love the show.can’t wait fornumber 6

  • Marywoolcock

    I loved all the seasons i have them on DVD i cant wait till season 6 comes out every body i know loves the show please make more 


  • I live in America and I absolutly love the show :) I sure hope they make a 6th season even if I have to watch it on Youtube :P Youtube is where I originally watched all the seasons and I will be way sad to not see what happens to everyone :(

  • I’m confused by this:
    “Back in June, Primeval co-creator Adrian Hodges said he would like the show to go on, but it is dependent on how well Series 5 does on ITV when it airs early 2012.”

    That would be june 2011 according to the article date, but series 5 was already airing right then (May-June 2011) So was that NOT series 5? Was that just the second half of series 4 and there are more episodes to come OR are the reporters for this site wrong about what he said.

    • Primeval was originally cancelled after Series 3 by ITV. The show came back from the dead thanks to a co-production deal with another channel called Watch. Part of that deal meant that Watch had first rights to show Series 5 in Summer 2011.

      ITV have yet to air Series 5 and will do so early 2012. As they still own the rights to the show its fate will not be decided until then when it has finished airing on ITV.

  • I enjoyed all 5 seasons of Primeval, and I’d love to see a season 6, but I will say that I didn’t like seasons 4 & 5 as much as the first 3.  The first seasons were more about the team fighting incursions, with the Helen Cutter Plot evolving naturally.  Plus, I think we can all agree that Helen was NUTSO!  But those seasons were more man vs. nature.  Seasons 4 & 5 were much more man vs. man.  I didn’t like the Connor/Abby relationship much.  I thought after a year alone together in Jurassic Park that they would be a lot closer when they got back.  I thought Matt’s mission to discover what causes the disaster ahead of time was clever, but I would have been happier if Philip had been a misguided hero instead of a greedy industrialist.  Even Helen had her heroic side.  And Connor being so easily taken in by him, and lying to Abby?  So I would love to see a season 6.  And I don’t think it would really be Primeval without Connor and Abby.  But I’d be much happier if this time out they were fighting the threat of a natural disaster.  I know that the producers were probably trying to leave us with a moral about humanity bringing about our own destruction.  But that’s what documentaries are for.  I want my Sci Fi to entertain.  Leave the hand wringing and alarm bells to David Suzuki and Al Gore.  And as for the North American Primeval “Reboot,” I’m hoping it will keep the elements that made the British version so great.  But as I said, without Connor and Abby, it won’t be Primeval.  It’ll be a show about American dinosaur hunters who maybe have the ARC on speed dial.

  • peter.conway2

    Primeval is one of thre great British Sci-Fi shows of the present – and a great sucess! How can it be in danger of not returning?
    A new series would do well to return to its roots – a small secret organisation, fighting prehistoric monsters with a small story thread running though the series and get away from the massive “worlds going to end” stuff that bedevilled that last series as well as Dr Who and Torchwood recently.

  • l1v1ngston3

    if they do bring it back for a 6th season and if connor, abby, or becker isnt in it….i WILL NOT be watching!! i love this show as well as them characters, they make the show what it is…bring a whole new bunch of people in will ruin it for sure!!!

  • Totally agree with I1v1ngston3. If they hadn’t brought them back, i would write a letter with words in it my mother didnt teach me. 

  • Smithfishe

    Primeval is one of the all time great SciFi series.  If they can make episode after episode of things like Stargate (another favourite) surely they can put resources into making more Primevil episodes with Connor, Abby and Becker of course

  • Sally-Anne Thomas

    I do hope series 6 will be aired this year, I keep watching all the series from 1-5 over and over again and if on sky no matter what channel I watch and records the programme to watch later on, if nothing else is on to watch. The new world primeval is ok, but it is not the same as the original cast and storylines.

  • Stephanie

    I’ve just rewatched all 5 series! The fact that only a spin off show is going to aor is disgusting. I live in America and i have fallen in love with this show, thinkibg at first thatit wouln’t be good at all. I was hooked from the first 10 minutes of the first episode in season 1!!! Now litterally just watching the final episode in season 5, im left hanging…Abby asks Connor to marry her, Matt sees a future version of himself telling him he has to go back, Becker and Jess need to get together, and then there is another annomoly. Where a train disappears. And what about Danny and his brother? They all have to come back and explain what happened!!!!!!