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Primeval: Series 6 / New World Update

There have been a couple of updates in the world of Primeval and while the Canadian spin-off is moving ahead, the signs aren’t looking good for the UK original.

The production company behind the show, Impossible Pictures, are still waiting for ITV1 to show Series 5 before a final decision can be made, but they are not hopeful.

“It is very unlikely that a sixth series of Primeval will be commissioned in the UK,” said a spokesman. “We won’t know for 100% certain until after it has transmitted on ITV in June or July, as they were the main investors in the series and will make a decision based on the ratings and success of series 5 for their audiences. But all signs are that it won’t be renewed which is, of course, very sad.

“However the show lives on in Primeval: New World, the North American series being produced by Omni Film in Canada and which starts shooting at the end of February.”

New World, like its UK equivalent, follows a team of animal experts and scientists that investigates the appearance of temporal anomalies and battles both prehistoric and futuristic creatures.

The 13-episode series will begin filming shortly and premiere on Canadian channel Space. In the UK, Watch have picked up the show for broadcast late 2012. More news is expected soon.

Primeval co-creator Adrian Hodges has also stated that a Primeval film is still in the works and currently looking for directors.

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  • Peripherus

    ?? But they have already broadcasted series 5?? Why are they saying they haven’t?

    • Cult Fix

      Not on ITV. That was Watch that showed Series 5 first.

      Primeval was originally cancelled after Series 3 by ITV. The show came back from
      the dead thanks to a co-production deal with another channel called Watch. Part of that deal meant that Watch had first rights to show Series 5 in Summer 2011.

      ITV have yet to air Series 5. As they still own the rights to the show, its fate will not be decided until then when it has finished airing on ITV.

  • Calebxy

    I’m unusually optimistic about this. I hope that it will bring back the feel of the first three series. The show just didn’t feel the same in series 4 and 5.

  • Platypus With a Fez

    No! Please, God no! Not after that cliffhanger!

    And if they absolutely must make a spin off exactly the same as the original show only Canadian, they’d better not mess it up… it’s gonna take some really good characters to top Connor, Cutter and Becker.

  • Remco de vries

    why do all the good series like this get canceled while stupid series or remakes get made and run fully? i just dont get it. 

  • Hannah White

    The ratings are low because they do not promote the series well enough. If ITV do a better job at promoting series 5 and create a buzz the ratings are more likely to be successful!! Also even though series 5 was shown on watch first I don’t think they should have released it on DVD until it had aired on ITV. I really really want their to be a series 6!!

    • Pengu

      2 weeks later and I come to see this comment, I agree… now that the series 5 DVD is out most people will see it and not bother with seeing it on ITV meaning that over all that, that release may have ruined the possibility of series 6

  • KF Window

    I really enjoy Primeval and it seems insane to me that the concept is good enough to be picked up for a spin off, but Impossible Pictures don’t think it is worth continuing with the current existing Primeval. Watchers have bonded with the characters over the series, and will watch it just to see what happens to them next.  Often when a formua is attempted to be repeated, it doesn’t have the same impact as the original.  Look at Stargate and then Stargate Universe.  I think that Stargate Atlantis worked mostly by fluke as my favourite characters weren’t the ones the casters clearly intended.  Anyway… I love Primeval!  I buy it on boxset as soon as it appears each time – so I don’t generally need to watch it when it comes on tv.  Maybe that is why the ratings aren’t so good!!!!!!!!!!  Think about it!

  • Dalek Caan

    I’m still waiting to see Series 5 on ITV later this year. I honestly can’t understand why it’s not been aired yet. Still, hope the movie plans go well, should be something interesting to look out for ;)


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