• krystian.jonski

     oof this is gonna be special series

    • []L!

       as long as it doesn’t end in a cliffhanger, which it will do cos every series it did…

  • 12thDoctor

    Who’s that guy on the floor? 

    • Michael Greenhalgh

      Dead maybe? 

      • Jammy

         most probably, in primeval it’s impossible to have an episode without a dead person in it

        • Anonymous

           No it’s not. Episode 1 of series 1 didn’t have any deaths.

  • Ddd

    did you know that the team are facing a 56 tonne jurrasic era marine reptile

    • []L!

      You what? Oh man I thought they were facing an angry tuna! 

      • DoctorDragon79


        • Jammy


  • []L!

    looks VERY exciting, love primeval!
    liopleurodons are one of my favarite jurrasic sea creatures, let’s just hope the crew don’t try to bribe them with a bread role lol :D

    • DoctorDragon79

      Same here!!!!!!
      Bread roll= soggy

      • Jammie

        very soggy 

  • DoctorWhoNut

     Lets hope they dont repeatedly kill one of the main characters :P  

    • Craigbrown

       just like rory from dr who

  • Anonymous

    That was a brilliant episode, as usual.

  • Anonymous

    primeval is awesome

  • Bane

    I’m so jealous of the people who have already seen these episodes :D I haven’t got watch

    • DoctorDragon79

      Me niether but ive watched the first two eps and im gonna watch ep three right now

    • DoctorDragon79

      Ive just watched ep three and im watching ep four and god its brilliant