• I have to wait til May? I want it now!

    • Rex

      Think yourself lucky, I have to wait until the end of the year because I don’t have Watch!

      • jk kid

        me too i wish there was a watch tv website so u could watch the eps online
        p.s could u film them if u have watch

        • Katiemurphy01

          watch it on you tube

      • Kkkk

        watch it online

  • Jadenmarston

    i heard that a pilosaur will appear and the boar crocodilefrom series 4 returns in an episode to, and hopefully the future predators will be in the next series it sucks they were not in series 4.

    • Rex

      Yeah the future predators are awesome!

  • xDaNnYbOy12PrOx

    when is the air dates on watch ?

  • Al_fie13

    yay!!!!!! can’t wait. =D x

  • Primeval2011

    there is a raptor future predator t-rex pilosaur in series 4 and something called burrowing creatures

    • Primeval2011

      sorry series 5

  • Nicholashardwick

    danny and patrick are back also

  • Flipper20062007

    i cant wait but when it airs later this year on ITV1 i will be recording them as i have a +box and i will watch them over and over agin as i love primeval

  • Kim!

    yeee, i have watch cant wait!!!!!!! <3 love connor & becker! <3

  • BeiJi

    For those of us watching it on BBC America in the States, I’m assuming the autumn air date on ITV1 means we’ll be seeing series 5 about then, too. Is that accurate?

  • Misha

    Primeval is brilliant, i love it! I think Connor played by Andrew-Lee Potts is the bect character in the show because he is so funny and cute!! I really want them to make Abby and Connor go further with their relationship aswell! I loved series 4 and i loved the twist with Matt at the end :) I cant wait until series 5 :D x

  • Fritz

    Wandering when Australia will see Season 5 …………………….

  • 11thDoctorForever

    Andrew-Lee Potts should so be the eleventh Doctor when Matt Smith leaves (Not that I want that to happen any time soon, because I <3 Matt)
    Why did Cutter have to die?! Primeval's not the same without him………….

    • Anonymous

      Are you crazy!!!! Andrew Lee Potts should not be the 12th doctor! Number one- I wanna be the next doctor! And two- Andrew would be MUCH better as a companion, not the doctor.

  • Jymbat

    cutter isn’t necessarily dead. While there was a Cutter body, theres nothing to indicate that the ORIGINAL Cutter died and not the clone. This is common when theres an evil twin episode and it leaves possibilities open. The way I see it, Cutter woudl make for a great season finale as he’s the only oe with the techinal know-how to stop Phillip. Which brings to mind How did he an expert in time travel? Cutter was displaying far too much astro, and quantum physics knowledge for a “old bone specialist”.

    • Vidkol

      What He Said

    • Anonymous

      No way! Even if cutter was a really good character, I got past him. If he does come back, I won’t be TOO impressed with the episode.

  • Beige

    Cutter pretty much IS dead, whether clone or original, given that Henshall has expressed no desire to come back. And that’s his prerogative, really.

    • i completely agree! whether cutter in real or clone form survived being shot/blown up, the new series was still a hit, with or without him, and danny quinn seems very technological about what philip’s gonna do…

  • Leighjane1

    i still miss stephen

    • Anonymous

      Me too, he was my favourite character (apart from connor)

  • Salamander

    does anyone know when is exactly the air date?