• I’m glad Primeval’s returning for a fourth series, it wasn’t looking too hopeful a while ago. And with most of the regulars in it as well, although I could hardly recognise them in that picture. They look so different.

    • RyanMonty

      I love Primeval.

  • Anonymous

    I’m know an Athiest (kids), there is a fourth series of Primeval so there is consequently no God.

    • What’s that supposed to mean?

      • Anonymous

        Don’t you remember how rubbish the third series was, I used the last few episodes as an excuse to sleep.

  • I think I could tell straight away how they’re gonna get out of the series 3 cliffhanger. I think Conner and Abby will find that device which opens the anomalies, go get Danny from 333 and then go home through the anomalies using the device again.But for series 4 they’re going to have to come up with a new story arc, because now Helen’s dead, they can’t use her anymore.

    • Good theory!

    • Primeval Queen

      Exactly what i thought. CANT WAIT!!!

  • lol, connor’s starting too look like a real hero…

    • They all look different. I think their characters have evolved more around their job now.

      • Jack_97

        It looks like a line up for some sort of comedy sketch show!

    • Primeval Queen

      He always has been. :) Although hes a bit nerdy hes always had that hero stature about him :)

  • Kirbytroid

    Hm. Well, it’s a bit sad to see Sarah go. I mean, she was only here for one series. But it’s good to see that Abby and Connor are stilll with us.

    I really need to go back and watch the older series. I’ve almost forgotten what happened in Series 3…

  • the guy in front looks a bit gay and the girl on the right looks like a lollipop who is on the wrong show.

  • Iceman

    im so glad that conner and aabby and also becker is still in it