• CyberMalak

    Sounds great! My hopes about Series 4 have really been reignited with this. I wonder whether there will be multiple creatures in each episode or what? I mean, considering that they’re all in different time periods…

  • Wow, really looking forward to this. I think its gonna be better than ever.

    • Anonymous


    • Jack_97

      I know, all these spoilers about primeval, and yet nothing about the doctor who Xmas special over on doctor who tv. Although I suppose doctor who is more closely guarded!

      • Doctor Who is being very, very closely guarded at the moment.

        • Jack_97

          By the way, I contacted you through the doctor who tv website. Not seeming to be rude, but is there any way you could read it?

  • This sounds absolutely amazing but I can’t believe they spent a whole year in the Cretaceous. They must be really brave now… lol

  • Anonymous

    hey doctor who tv (im sorry i know we’re on another site but that name is what im used too) this new site is awesome and i think these spoilers kick ass

  • Jack_97

    This looks great, but I wonder of series 4 will still have the awful cringe makingly bad special FX. That’s what ruin it for me, but I’m probably just being picky!

  • Jack_97

    I previously thought this show had been axed

    • It was and then a deal was struck at the last minute to bring it back.

  • Lily_Arc

    Wish there was gonna be like 13 epidsodes per series !

  • Primeval Queen

    Awwww they replace connor and abby. bad times :( i hope they get back ok and stuff. and what about connor he was all injured with his ankle and head and stuff does he just magically get better??? great spoiler tho cant wait for January :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dalek1099

    @Cult Fix You are just being picky the sfx in primeval is better than any other sci-fi show take a look at the gigantosaurus from series 3 that was perfect down to the last detail

  • Hiout

    OMG! Abby looks amazing and Connor looks fit! Cant wait ! xxxxxxxxxxx