• what,so danny or emily wont return for(if there is one) series 5?

  • Dewsterling

    I really want to like Primeval. I do. However, this show has some bizarre gaps in its logic – wouldn’t people like Ethan, Emily, and every other being from another era carry with them diseases that would cripple modern civilizations? Why haven’t any news organizations or other countries noticed that there are temporal anomalies popping up everywhere and bringing pre-historic creatures through them? Wouldn’t all of their little trips to the past and future have serious impact?

  • jk kid

    if theres a series 5 i soo cant wait

    • Series 5 airs in the Summer.

      • It airs on Watch this year then ITV next year, doesn’t it?

        • Yeah that’s plan.

          • jk kid

            no primeval on watch first is watch only on sky

          • yeah i think so. its definitely not on freeview.

          • jk kid

            well then daines (i cant reply no more room) i hope theres a watch iplayer etc so i can watch it on there is there one

  • 11thDoctorForever

    I still can’t get over the fact that Nick Cutter is dead…………..