• jk kid

    DISCOVERED a SECRET wekk he probably wont tell them afterwards

    • Davros_oliver

      I wonder the secret could possobly be. Maby somert about Cutter, the future, the new people or the anomalies?

      • Timelordalex

        about Phillip

  • yes!!!! thank you !!!danny will return and i think that danny saw his brother in the wilderness and that he wasn’t killed and the sypnosis says LOST brother not DEAD.

  • Jack_97

    Ooh, secret

  • i just saw a new itv1 primeval trailer!!! on telly!

  • Caseygiddis

    yes i cant wait danny is awsome but not as good as nick cutter

    • What??? he is way better than Cutter

  • Danny is great, was happy to see him reappear