• and another other older character…. nick maybe? and matt looks like when he is revealed it looks like its gonn be BIG. i wonder whic one in paticular he opens his heart to? abby? maybe he fanices her and conner doesnt like, him but i definatly dont think thats gonnas happen

    • Dylan

      I’ve heard that it’s Claudia/Jenny who returns. I don’t know. (Remember at the end of series 2 when Steven died? Do you remember the words Helen spoke to him? It also, I’ve just realized, that it might be Steven) I’ve heard that it’s Claudia/Jenny.

  • primeval!!!!

    good i hope connor doesnt die hes the best

  • Pjs59

    Just watched the 1st and 2nd eps. Looks good I hope they dont spoil it with silly story lines and stick to the job. PJS59