• Alex Smith

    it will get no views, as either people would have illegally downloaded it or bought it on DVD, there airing it way to late, lets just hope Primeval New world is good 

    • That Fedora Guy

      Agree entirely. But I haven’t bothered watching it since series 2, because for me, it got boring after that

  • Who is going to watch it at 6pm? ITV want it to fail.

    • lp229

      I don’t know, no Doctor Who this year until Autumn to compete with, its got be the only family drama on Saturday evenings. Last series of DW was broadcast on BBC1 in the same time slot. I personally couldn’t get into Primeval and stopped watching this series after 1 and some of 2. I didn’t like the lack of continuity in the characters in the series. The show didn’t really build up a mythology behind its concepts either so the basis for them remained little more than just a group of people chasing after monsters who had escaped through some form of time window. 

  • I would love to watch a series 6.. I love primeval and I have met Andrew lee potts and Hannah Spearitt they are amazing…. I shall be watching it even though I just ordered Series 4 and 5 off the internet…. 

  • Rory Williams

    No one will watch it. Why would anyone watch a show if they can buy it for a tenner on DVD.

    • Into The Vortex

      Why would anyone buy it for a tenner on DVD when they can watch it free on the TV? 

      •  You can watch it more than once, at the click of a button? but you can pretty much do that with Sky anyway, so…

  • primevalfanno1

    Primeval should continue! It is a great program with great actors, heart stopping story lines and brilliant special effects! I will be watching it even though i have it on dvd, just to boost the ratings to get a more hopeful outcome for series 6!   

  • Okay everyone we should watch it on itv to make the ratings go up and to watch the new spin off with Connor if its true, you think about it the more money primeval makes the better the new series will come in time. LETS DO IT GUYS!

  • i dont think anyone will watch it because most people who dont have watch will have bought the dvd to avoid waiting over a year to see it like i did. its gonna suffer for that. shouldnt have released the dvd if they wanted people to watch it on itv. if no one watches it doesnt look good for series 6.

  • bluebox444

    I’m not opposed the New World series since I’ve learned more about it and seen the cast list, but I do regret the loss of the original Primeval.

  •  for goodness sake stop making negativity they may not be any rating or so itz 50/50 really anyway lets make a pact of the true believers towards primeval from day 1 to now as a celebration! LETZ WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ON ITV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • all the people that have already watched the 5th series are unlikely to watch it again as they want to watch a new series not a repeat

  • Npaulw

    Tedious – same old hackneyed plot, gullible Connor gets sucked into machinations that risk his relationships with Abby, insider plotting to use anomilies for some financial gain against interests of public.   Yawn, this was done several series ago.   Just let it go if they aren’t going to develop new angles.

  • omfg I am gonna cry, arent u listening to me stop moaning about the people who has already watched series 5 okay I understand that people wants to watch a new series but you are not gonna gain a new series unless you help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anita hernandez

    I don’t want a new version of this show. I like this cast. Keep it in the BBC…I don’t want to see any copies from other places. BRING BACK THE SAME CREW FROM SEASON 5… BBC