• CGren123

    I hope that, if we don’t get a 6th Series of Primeval, New World will resolve the whole “Two Matts” thing.  

  • Tdm2895

    Hopefully will get sixth series as said there a lot of things to tied up

  • Calebxy

    Sounds very interesting. 

  • Pokedalek42

    I really hope they make series 6.

  • bluebox444

    Well, it’s nice to know there will be a definite connection between the two series. I was opposed to New World at first, but I’m gradually warming to the concept.

  • Primeval was brilliant in Series 1-3. However, when it returned for Series 4 & 5, it was pretty terrible. Now we leave the UK series with quite a lot of unanswered questions. Also, I don’t think this series will last for more than 1 season.

  • Platypus With a Fez

    So are we just expected to accept that epic series 5 cliffhanger? They could at least explain it in webisodes or a novel or even a graphic novel. They’re not ideal, but at least we’ll have the answers. Actually, I’d love a Primeval comic book. That’d be great!

    • I really would like to see that final little part. We will probably start from scratch, only knowing what types of gadgets and some creatures to expect. So I probably won’t watch it, sadly.

    • CoolSlitheen

      We do need to have an ending for series 5 as they cant leave it like that. maybe new world will explain it somehow.

      • 1 week later and I reply but anyway, sadly if they do explain it, all it will probably be is a little mention of some sort that will have minor changes

  • alex_494

    …. So we can’t have a sixth series but another country can have a spin-off?