• I’m not sure how I feel about this. To be honest, there’s been enough Primeval now. We need to find out what the anomalies really are. I was always very intrigued by them; the Series 1 finale caused a lot of thinking for me: why did Claudia start seeing anomalies before she was erased? It was a very interesting scenario. Are there alternate timelines where evolution works differently? What are the Future Predators? I loved Series 5 in terms of viewing, but in all reality, it was a let-down. Now we’re handing it over to America? Not sure at all. Sill, I’ll be watching.

    • Calebxy

      Well the Future Predators were, according to Helen, created by the Arc and stem from bats. I know it never fully explained them completely, but we do know what they are, just not why they were made (or, if it was an accident, then how it happened).

      The thing that really annoyed me about the series 5 finale was that they said it would clear up everything, and there would be no cliffhanger, but there was! A massive one! The whole alternate whatever-his-name-is was never explained in the slightest, which really annoyed me (especially if there isn’t another series).

      However, I’m really really looking forward to this. I was quite disappointed by series 4 and 5, and this has potential to be extremely excellent (as Primeval was). So I have high hopes, and I’m really looking forward to watching it tonight. :D

      • Well, I wish I shared your optimism. I’ll try to enter in with an open mind.

        When were they created, though (and thank you for the clarification, I haven’t seen the series for a while)? Apparently the ARC operation failed, according to something I read on The New World. I don’t get the future predators at all; it’s gotten too complicated.

        Yes, I know what you mean. They were, at the time, unsure whether the show would continue, yet they still chose to end it on a cliffhanger. Why on earth would they do that? It was just cruel to the audience; much of the same happened with Series 3. Using the anomalies as a renewable resource was a great idea, but the mass-appearance of anomalies was actually quite unconvincing. And to be honest, I miss Helen and Cutter. I know they couldn’t come back, but, well, it hasn’t really been the same since Series 2 in my opinion. Series 3 was quite good, though.

        • What I never understood, was that Helen originally claimed that the ‘Future Predators’ were created because of Cutter’s actions after studying the anomalies, and she came back to stop him. She succeeded in this, which should have meant, that if Nick was indeed behind the creation of the predators, they should never have existed, as he wasn’t there to create them. Which means, EITHER, Nick didn’t create them, and Helen got it wrong, OR Nick is still alive, having travelled through to this world from another world, a bit like Claudia Brown turning into Jennifer Lewis.

          • Helen was fixated on preventing the creation of the future predators, and tried to kill all those who she thought were responsible; Nick, the arc team, Christine and eventually humanity itself, but none of her protests stopped it. So whatever she thought she knew, she was wrong, because in each attempt, the predators stayed.

    • TheDoctorIsAwesome

      I’ve watched already online, and honestly I think you might be disappointed because the show doesn’t focus on anomalies (at least not in the first 6 episodes, they’re the ones I’ve seen so far) at all really just the creatures. But if you don’t like it I’d stick with it because episode 1 is easily the worst, there is some great one of episodes later on. So to sum up, it’s no where near as good as primeval but it is good.

      • Oh dear. Well thank you for telling me, but I don’t have high hopes. It was never the creatures that interested me; just the anomalies. How many episodes are there then?

        • TheDoctorIsAwesome

          There’s been 8 and now they are in the mid-series break. I’ve only seen the first 6 as the website I watch on has gone down till the 15th January.

          • Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All

            Which site?

          • TheDoctorIsAwesome


          • Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All


    • Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All

      It’s actually Canada…but not sure that really matters.

      Anyhow I share you concerns as well.

  • Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All

    I loved Primeval all 5 seasons. I always try to approach a remake with an open mind (i.e. Elementary) but I am not sure how good this will be.

    I was reading comments on it to see how good it was and someone called it the Torchwood of Primeval. Now I enjoyed torchwood, but I don’t feel that a show like Primeval needs language, s*x, etc… One thing that I liked about Primeval was the fact that it was a clean show. Any adult content in almost every TV show or movie is unnecessary and in the end will only take away from the main plot.

    Still am open minded but cannot guarantee that I will like it

  • Calebxy

    Well, I thought that was great! :D