• That Awkward Silent

    I haven’t watched any of this to be honest. Series 5 really killed the show for me. I may pick this one up on DVD though. But that’s a big maybe.

  • Well done on this perspicuous review, David. You were very thorough with reviewing this whole series and you’ve made it quite clear that it was diverse with some good qualities, but also flaws.

    I’ve been intending to read this since it was published because I’m considering buying the Season 1 box-set. Although I realise now that New World does not give a good indication of how the original show was…

    • Thank you.
      I’d go for every series of Primeval, even this one. The grand majority hated Series 5, yet I’d go as far as saying that, if it wasn’t for Series 3, it would be my favourite. So you might really like it. (What happened you your Torchwood marathon, though?)

      • My Torchwood marathon has come to a halt due to my Netflix account ending abruptly. I can’t find the final episodes in decent quality on the Net neither so it’s really grueling. Hopefully though, I’ll be getting the box-set for my birthday in two months. I’ve already got Miracle Day recorded on my box so I’m just dying to watch the final episodes of Season 2.

        • Poor you!

          I hope you get to see them soon. They’re wonderful stories, as is The Children of Earth – still my favourite ever drama, narrowly beating Broadchurch.

  • Harry Jewell

    Good Review. Hopefully the producers of Primeval wil get a network who will want to pick it up. (ITV return? WATCH? Maybe even…the BBC?)

    • Thanks. I’m not holding high hopes. ITV is a possibility but after how it’s gone downhill in both storytelling and audience, I doubt it; they’d be more focused on the likes of Broadchurch I should think. I also think the BBC wouldn’t either, because… well, they’re the BBC, and there’s no logic in anything they do. Perhaps Watch… they’ve always prided themselves in it, after all.

      • Harry Jewell

        You are correct about ITV. BBC would be more focused on Doctor Who.

  • montebank

    The last few episodes were getting better, but too little too late. Monster of the week, confusing plot, weak characterizations, no eye candy killed it for me. Fan service was something Primeval excelled at: Lucy Brown, Ruth Kearney, Laila Rouass and the rest. Plus Canadians do not have the dry English wit. They’ve should have put Connor in more episodes and had a tie-in that made sense. Kept it as gov vs academic rather than corporate. Little tension created because in many sectors gov = corp as a revolving employment door in huge companies. Stay with the template: professor, action dude, nerd, eye candy. Alas, RIP a great UK series.

  • I liked the new one quite a bit and it was going to an interesting place there at the end. I was bummed they canceled it.