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Primeval: New World: Season 1 Episode Guide


1. The New World

UK airdate: 8 January 2013

When prehistoric creatures start appearing in Vancouver, it falls to a small team of civilians to handle the deadly predators, and to investigate the anomalies in time they’re coming through.

2. Sisiutl

UK airdate: 15 January 2013

Evan and Mac investigate a prehistoric sea serpent terrorising the waters near disputed First-Nations territory. Typically though, dealing with a prehistoric sea serpent isn’t very straight forward. Meanwhile, Dylan faces a crossroads when Evan recruits her to join his team.

3. Fear of Flying

UK airdate: 22 January 2013

When a cargo plane disappears into an Anomaly, Evan and Dylan embark on a daring search and rescue mission. They find the plane and its crew stranded in the distant past and there’s no way home unless they can get the damaged plane flying. But things take a turn for the worse when flesh-eating prehistoric beetles attack. Meanwhile Mac and his fellow security guard Samantha are left to guard the Anomaly and are soon facing off with what has come through.

4. Angry Birds

UK airdate: 29 January 2013

When an Anomaly opens on the perimeter of an abandoned train yard, the team isn’t sure what carnage they might find. Evan and Dylan are first to the site, where they find empty train cars that have been turned into a marijuana grow-op. Taken prisoner by stoner guards Blake and Skeezer, Evan and Dylan must convince them that the terror birds coming through the Anomaly are a greater threat than any narcs. Mac, Toby, and the unsuspecting Ken Leeds join the hunt, only to come face-to-beak with these eight-foot tall carnivorous beasts. This bloody battle in the train-yard comes to a dramatic climax, and along the way Ken proves that there’s more to him than meets the eye.

5. Undone

UK airdate: 5 February 2013

Frosh Week on campus gets an unexpected visitor when a student is attacked by a deadly Lycaenops. Evan and the team face a difficult dilemma when they capture the beast but the Anomaly closes before they can send it home. Evan and Dylan are forced to take the creature back to Cross Photonics while Toby and Mac investigate the Anomaly site. Meanwhile Mac’s girlfriend Sam continues her campaign to join the SPG team.

6. Clean Up On Aisle Three

UK airdate: 12 February 2013

A group of small yet cunning Daemonosaurus arrive through an Anomaly at a home and garden store – and by the looks of things, they’re not looking for pressure-washers. Evan, Dylan and Mac arrive and quickly realize that what these dinos lack in size, they make up for with smarts. They struggle to gain a foothold on these sneaky pack killers, turning the store into a war zone where no one is safe. They manage to capture one of the creatures, only to have it escape again, and Mac, separated from the others, goes mano-y-dino with one of the foe. Meanwhile Evan and Dylan each face the difficulty of maintaining a personal life alongside their SPG responsibilities.

7. Babes in the Woods

UK airdate: 19 February 2013

When an Anomaly opens up at a photo shoot for the alternative pin-up site Fatal Babes, TOBY reveals to the others that she has a history with the group – and with one of the other models. Toby and Mac race to evacuate the models – and wind up stranded with Toby’s ex-girlfriend Natalie. Meanwhile Ange is determined to become a more active team member, and joins Evan and Dylan in the search for the creature – a deadly Ornitholestes – and the Anomaly.

8. Truth

UK airdate: 26 February 2013

A Pachycephalosaurus is rampaging through the glass-and-steel Olympic Village, leaving a trail of destruction. As Evan and the team search for the creature and the Anomaly, they are surprised to find Ken Leeds on site, with a military team in tow. Project Magnet is back to full operational strength and Leeds is eager to be more involved. Back at Cross Photonics, Evan and his team face a new problem when Evan discovers that the Albertosaurus that killed his wife has returned. The creature is a smaller, faster, nastier version of a Tyrannosaurus, and facing it in the same building where Brooke died forces Evan to confront his demons.

9. Breakthrough

UK airdate: 5 March 2013

Two skateboarders capture raw footage of a Triceratops in a West Van skatepark, and the video quickly goes viral. Toby has her hands full as she scrubs the internet of the footage, enlisting Mac’s help when she gets a cold shoulder from Ken Leeds’ new assistant. Evan and Dylan track the Dino, which has made a break for an upscale residential area. Trouble sparks when Evan and Dylan find that the creature has settled on Evan’s rival’s property – and a man who is only too capable of understanding the implications of Anomalies and intersections in time. While Dylan deals with the Triceratops and a bull-headed Project Magnet squad, Evan reluctantly shares some of his secrets with Howard.

10. The Great Escape

UK airdate: 12 March 2013

After a terror bird attacks, Dylan and Evan are called in by Dylan’s old colleague. Since no Anomaly has been detected, they’re puzzled as to where it came from – until they recognize Leggy (from Episode 104), now grown and dangerous in a local ice rink. While Major Douglas and his men try to capture it, Evan and Dylan seek answers from Ken Leeds, who reveals the existence of a secret research facility. Evan and Dylan are in a race with the overconfident Major Douglas to find the rampaging bird.

11. The Inquisition

UK airdate: 19 March 2013

Ken Leeds is subjected to an off-the-books court martial by Colonel Hall. Evan is brought in to testify against Ken, but soon finds himself under interrogation by the manipulative Colonel. Convinced that the world is in terrible danger and that Anomalies could hold the solution, Hall is determined to get Evan to share his knowledge and his technology, by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Mac and Dylan penetrate a secret lab where Project Magnet scientists have been conducting experiments on captured dinosaurs.

12. The Sound of Thunder: Part 1

UK airdate: 26 March 2013

When Toby is stung by a Brontoscorpio, Evan turns to Ange – and Project Magnet scientist Mara Fridkin – for help. To save Toby’s life, Evan and Dylan are forced to enter an Anomaly to retrieve a venom sample. Mac stays by Toby’s side as her condition worsens at an alarming pace and doctors at Project Magnet struggle to keep her alive. On the other side of the Anomaly, Evan and Dylan discover an anomaly junction – hundreds of Anomalies leading to hundreds of times and places. Including one leading to Evan’s own past – and a terrible temptation. With Evan and Dylan stranded in the past, Toby’s life hangs in the balance.

13. The Sound of Thunder: Part 2

UK airdate: 2 April 2013

Evan forces Dylan to abandon him so she can get the anti-venom back to a dying Toby, leaving him to deal with his own deadly situation. Ange and Colonel Hall decide to take action, and Ken Leeds and Mac take some action of their own. With Evan trapped in the Brontoscorpio’s burrow, and Dylan racing to find him, Connor Temple is back to lend a helping hand – and to ask for help saving his friend Kieran. Kieran’s trail leads them back through the Anomaly into Evan’s own past, putting temptation in Evan’s path. Could the whole future be at risk if they meddle with the course of events?

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  • TheGenie

    I don’t really know what to make of the first one. It was OK; quite entertaining, intriguing, a seemingly normal everyday life with everyday people who are suddenly thrust into adventure. It’s a bit like the start of Primeval but it seemed to be missing something. The ‘through-the-anomaly’ scene was visually impressive; the budget gave us a very convincing prehistoric landscape. The arc looks interesting, but at the same time, I have qualms. Connor was brutally underused, and whilst a captivating plot could be developing, I’d rather like to see the lose ends of Primeval tied up first. What happens after the convergence? When are the arc creating future predators? Where did the other futuristic creatures come from; what’s happened to humanity? And why was there a copy of Matt at the end?

    Overall: 3.5/10

    As for the rest… the two that have me most anticipating them are Fear of Flying; an apparently fast-paced rescue story which should be a pleasure to watch, and The Truth: Evan, battling his inner demons, telling the truth to other and in turn discovering more about himself, with a lot of tension between characters and still a background threat. This could be good, though I’m getting tired of Primeval now. It’s time we had some actual answers.

    • Cult Fix

      Hi, Cult Fix is looking for a volunteer to review the show on a weekly basis. If you’re interested and have the time drop us an email at cultfixsite [at] gmail [dot] com or use the contact form.

    • Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All

      After watching the first episode I’d say I enjoyed it a bit more than you did. I’d give it a six. It was, as you said, intriguing and entertaining, but I was upset with the way Conner was under-used and the some things were done.

      I have also seen ep 2 and 3. Episode 2 is probably my favorite so far. Episode 3 feels more like the old Primeval but for me I found it quite forgettable and slow-moving.

      I can’t wait to see your reviews for the other ones :)

    • Calebxy

      Did you give it such a low score partly because it didn’t answer any of the loose ends from Primeval?

      • TheGenie

        Not really; one of the reasons was because it didn’t seem to acknowledge the events of Series 5.

        • Calebxy

          This is based before the events of series 5, as confirmed in an interview and also evident in the show since no one else knows about the anomalies and dinosaurs.

  • Calebxy

    I really liked it. It was entertaining and quite exciting at times (though, extremely annoyingly, the adverts came on in the middle of one of the action scenes, stopping its momentum and thrill). So, I am pleased with it, and I’m sure it’ll be a worthy companion to the original show. However, of course, I have problems with it.

    I thought it was interesting that they had both a raptor and a pteranodon in the same episode. But of course, this meant that they were both severely underused. I hope they both come back at some point (though not in the same episode!). Also, another major problem I have with this show so far is one I also had with the later series’ of Primeval. The writers (or producers, depending on how much they insist on) seem to think that if you have the monsters killing a whole bunch of people, it makes the episode more dramatic. They are apparently under the impression that the more drama you want to create, the more people you kill.

    No. That doesn’t work. Not for me, at the very least. The more people who die, the more normal it seems. That’s the effect of it. One stops caring because it just seems so normal. In the first episode of Primeval, not a single person died. The body count throughout the rest of the series wasn’t particularly high either. In fact, none of the main characters died until the series 2 finale, which, of course, was an extremely big thing because of that.

    But I did appreciate that this is a more grounded version of the show. I really liked the comment made near the beginning by Evan about the Anomalies being “very hard to catch,” or whatever his exact words were. It reminded me of real natural phenomena such as ball lightning, which obviously is very rare. So that comment, and showing it disappear just before they got to it, made it seem more realistic, which I liked.

    So I’m looking forward to the following episodes, though I really really hope they don’t continue killing lots of random people just to “show how dangerous it all is.”

    My rating: 7.5/10


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