• Esterath MkII

    Looks terrible.

    • DaireConstantineOReilly

      why ? would u rather it went off the air forever ? be thankfull, A-Hole

      • Esterath MkII

        Ah, the so called Cultfix trolls.

        • DaireConstantineOReilly

          Sir, it is u that be trollin

          • Esterath MkII


        • DaireConstantineOReilly

          You are the troll,sir

  • This looks pretty good. It doesn’t look as good as the original Primeval back in Series 1-3, but it certainly looks way better than the terrible Series 4-5. They were bad and never really restored the shows brilliance, merely destroyed it.
    It is nice though that Connor will be in the opener, and hopefully more episodes later on as hinted by Andrew. It looks a bit American but at the same feels sort of Primeval. When it eventually comes onto Watch (as it would seem ITV has given up on the show – although it was their fault in the first place the show died because they cancelled it just when it was getting really, really good), I’ll give it a chance and watch a few episodes before giving my overall opinion upon it.
    Put it this way guys: It can’t be worse than Elementary.

    • ThirdofEight

      Yeah, S4 and S5 didn’t entirely live up to my expectations, mainly because the mythology floundered a lot. Killing off Helen at the end of S3 was a mistake, for one thing. She was an excellent villain, and we’d already lost far too many main cast members. Having her around for a while longer would have given the later seasons a lot more coherence. (Getting rid of Laila Rouass’ character off-screen was a blunder as well.) Then came the struggle to incorporate new characters, a new villain, and new elements to the established mythos all at the same time. Not wise. I liked the new additions to the cast (particularly the fascinating character of Emily Merchant), but Alexander Siddiq was a step down from Juliet Aubrey for me.

      • What screwed over the series was the whole plot of Series 1s cliff-hanger: The fact the world had changed, was slowly ignored. When they killed off Cutter and Jenny left, its as if that whole plot was forgotten about (at least until it was mentioned again upon Helen’s return). Helen’s death was right in my eyes. The big mistake was the shows cancellation which prevented the showrunners from doing what they wanted to do in the original Series 4. So when it came back they mistakenly dropped their original plans and came up with a new and bad one, which almost chucked aside everything that was developed before. It seemed to loose its original meaning in my eyes. Plus due to the fact the actor and actress who played Danny and Sarah didn’t or couldn’t come back, made it even harder.
        I don’t have too much hope for this spin-off but I can see it being a load better than the crap they produced for the last two series’.

        • AmyPondIsAwesome

          To be fair there wasn’t much more they could do with the ‘world changing’ thing after Cutter left because he was the only one who had been in the other world.

          • Oh I totally understand that. And you are 100% correct. But that’s why I hated his death so much. Douglas Henshall shouldn’t have left so early on in the show in my eyes. It was his story in many ways, so when he left the show almost started moving away from its original purpose (which was shown in Series 4 and 5). Also I hated his death because I liked his character so much. It was sad to see him go so unexpectedly.

          • AmyPondIsAwesome

            I sort of agree. Cutter was certainly the best ‘team leader’ character. Although his death was brilliantly shocking and sad. It was good to see the other characters cope without him. It would maybe have been good to have seen him continue in the show until the end of Series 3 and die with Helen in some way as I felt Helen lost most of what made her great when Cutter was no longer around. That would also mean there was no Danny who is IMO the worst team leader.

          • That would have probably have been better. Although in many ways I liked how Series 3 was structured. Perhaps it should have been that Series 3 was pushed back to being Series 4 and then have Series 3 be more like Series 2 (if you get what I mean). That way Cutter would have been in it longer and his story may have been completed to the full.
            Also I actually grew to like Danny. He was a good character. Its Matt who is my worst leader. His character just never sparked brilliance in my eyes. He had his moments but that was about it. The whole way Series 4 and 5 were portrayed was just bad in my eyes and nearly killed the show. Or in my line of thought they did kill the show.

    • IAmRory


      I thought Series 4 was quite good, though. Series 5, however, was awful. Apart from the fourth episode, which I thought was fairly decent compared to the others.

      • I thought Series 4 was good, right up to the fact it turned out that an entire story-arc turned out to be just a cheap device to explain Danny’s sudden reappearance and departure due to the fact that the actor playing him wasn’t available for complete filming.

        • I actually liked series 5. Crazy, I know, but I loved the last two episodes. But they still weren’t series 1-3 quality. I think if I were to rank the series:

          1. Series Two
          2. Series One
          3. Series Three
          4. Series Five
          5. Series Four

          • I would rank the series like this:
            1. Series 2
            2. Series 3
            3. Series 1
            4. Series 4
            5. Series 5
            So we’re almost the same, give or take a few swap arounds ;)

          • Phelatio Yarch

            Me – 3,1,2,5,4

  • ThirdofEight

    Well…this COULD be terrific. Good cast, good acting, good effects. I just hope that it won’t turn out to be overly “adult” – which I really don’t feel the original Primeval ever was, despite the high level of violence in some episodes. If this just turns out to be a sexed-up, profane, gorier version of the original, I’m not going to be very impressed.

    I also hope that they continue to link things back to the parent series in various ways over time. The show needs to forge its own identity, of course, but given that Primeval has never been extremely well-known on this side of the pond, they don’t exactly have to worry about being stuck in the old show’s shadow.

  • AmyPondIsAwesome

    I’m certainly going to watch this. I don’t think it will be as good as Primeval though.

  • Well, looks interesting. However, I’m a little upset that we’ve got Connor without Abbey. If they’ve broken up, I will REFUSE to count this as canon.

    However, hopefully it will FINALLY explain what is behind the anomalies!

  • TheCalebxyDoctor

    This looks quite excellent! Not sure if it will be as good as the first 3 series’ of actual Primeval, but I’m certainly hoping it will be.

  • Pokedalek42

    Looks okay, I guess. Not too sure about the US-style focus and action. It will probably be like primeval series 4 and 5 for me. I liked them, it was just that they were best taken as not the same show as the original. They do stand out as having a different feel so I perfectly understand those who dislike them. Anyway, hope this has relative success to warrant a return of the mother show, arguably closer to the original series than he 2 last ones if possible.

  • EccentricEddie

    Please to hell this stays on the Air , I will watch it , it will be season 6 to a lot of Fans, am I’m loving all the American style accents and cars even though there in Canada , it’s Awesome, I can’t wait, it’s gonna be Awsome .

  • It would be better if it had a mixture of UK & US style to it, but it looks more like a US/Canadian-style version than UK. . . . like 2% of the cast are English & the rest are like American/Canadian [not saying that it makes any difference]. . . & This is meant to be a Canada/UK team. If they had the UK team & the US team both together/fighting against one another that would be so awesome :D But i’m sure gonna miss the true primeval :'(

    But tbh i havn’t seen it so idk what it’s gonna be like. . . . it looks decent

  • The Mad Hatter

    Americanised Primeval… No. It looks atrocious.

    • TheCalebxyDoctor

      I disagree.

  • 50doctorwho

    I hate it when the americans take our show make it crap I feel sorry for all the americans out there that have to put up with this on a daily basis

    • TheCalebxyDoctor

      This looks good.

    • The507thDoctor

      I believe Canada is a different country than America