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Primeval: New World First Set Pics

The first batch of set pics for Primeval spin-off, New World, have hit the net. They feature Andrew-Lee Potts who is reprising his role as Connor in the opener. There’s also a glimpse at the new cast including Niall Matter as Evan Cross, Sara Canning as Dylan Weir, Danny Rahim as Mac Rendell.

See them in the slideshow below

Photos: Nigel Horsley.

The 13-episode series will premiere on Canadian channel Space this Autumn. In the UK, Watch have picked up the show for broadcast late 2012.

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  • EternityDragon

    One thing I don’t understand.
    Why is there a picture of a spilt rubbhish bin.

    • Stormegeddon, Dark Lord of All

      Dinosaur knocked it over!

  • The Doctor

    Maybe that’s the arc

    • Stormegeddon, Dark Lord of All


      Canadian Anomaly Research Center


      American Anomaly Research Center

  • Stormegeddon, Dark Lord of All

    Yay!! Connor is back…wait WHERE IS ABBY!!!!

    • Pengu

      He’s only back for the 1st episode

      • Stormegeddon, Dark Lord of All

        IK, it is a cameo appearance but still ABBY NEEDS TO BE WITH HIM!!!

        • Pengu

          I do agree, i think this will be where he decides to go as Abby may have already quit

  • Pengu

    Is Connor actually meant to look like the other guy

  • matt

    the only problem with this is will it be shown on itv or the bbc and it looks like it has started to have the darkness that torchwood has so in my eyes primeval has now become the torchwood instertute 

  • matt

    here’s something else wrong about the show Matt Anderson see himself in the end of series 5  telling him self to go to his own time is primeval: new world going to tell us what he does or are we going to here one sentence of Andrew lee Potts (connor temple). if you want to have your say tweet me @mattw_1995 with the #prim

  • Myka Williams

    omg this is gonna be amazing! Not only is Andrew Lee-Potts still in it but one of my favourite actors from Eureka is too!  This is HUGE!!


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