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Primeval: New World Extinct

Primeval_New_World_titlecard logoPrimeval just can’t catch a break it seems. The Canadian spin-off has been dropped by the Space channel.

The show, which recently concluded its first season across the pond, has failed to get decent viewing figures.

Bell Media’s Scott Henderson said: “Unfortunately, the audience growth throughout the first season was not as strong as hoped, even after a schedule move in January from Monday to Tuesday nights to provide the benefit of a lead-in from established series Face Off. The series has also seen an almost weekly decline in ratings since its premiere. We remain incredibly proud of this series and extend our sincere thanks to Omnifilm Entertainment for Season 1.”

With no sign of a another series from ITV in the UK, the series could remain extinct now.

However, there’s a still a slim chance that New World may get picked up by another network.

The producers wrote on the official Twitter account that they are hopeful: “It’s true: @SPACEchannel has decided to not renew #PrimevalNewWorld. We are in talks with other international broadcasters — stay tuned!”

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  • Peripherus

    :( Why? In the end it was superior to the original!

  • thelonelycenturion

    Haven’t seen either of the Primeval series, but I was hoping to. Hopefully SyFy picks this up in a plan to actually create and broadcast Science Fiction you know instead of Mockbusters, Ghost Shows and Wrestling.

  • TheGenie

    This is just an outrage. I love Primeval and I don’t want it to finish until we’ve found out the mystery behind the anomalies. I sincerely hope Series 6 doesn’t end on a cliff-hanger. But I’ll definitely be complaining about this.

  • Nova Doctor

    This is really disappointing considering I just started watching Primeval.

  • Esterath

    Just read a review for the last episode. Sounded good. ______ was in it.

  • Calebxy


  • Chris

    I think it’s time to end it now, completely.

    • Nova Doctor

      Why on earth would anyone want that ?

      • Chris

        Because, It’s full of over done arcs, it’s had a good run but anymore and it will just be repeats of previous episodes but with a slightly different

        And come on, who will watch it apart from the fans?

        • Nova Doctor

          I completely disagree the show has far more potential than most and I’m sure if it returned to ITV it would secure many new viewers.

  • ThirdofEight

    Well…maybe someday they’ll revive the original series again.

    • Nova Doctor

      I hope so !

      • Harry Jewell

        I hope so as well. I remember when Primeval would get around 6-7 million which was great but now the viewing figures are sometimes not even a million.

  • Max Houston

    Gutted this series has been cancelled. I never watched the original show, but this had real potential. The show may have had regurgitated story arcs but as I’d never seen the original, it didn’t matter. The mystery and suspense was building nicely & the show hasn’t even been aired in the U.S yet, so I’m surprised its cancelled already, maybe it’s a ploy to build a bit of outraged demand and bump up their wages for series 2. I live in hope!

  • Harry Jewell

    This iś truly terrible. Where are all the good shows going these days? It seems as if loads of good shows are being cancelled. :(


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