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Primeval: New World Casting, Connor Returns

As filming begins on Primeval spin-off, New World, the first batch of casting has been announced.

The new team set to encounter prehistoric creatures includes Niall Matter (Eureka, 90210) as the enterprising inventor and visionary hero Evan Cross, and Sara Canning (Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Smallville) as Dylan Weir, predator attack expert and specialist in animal behavior.

New World will also star Miranda Frigon (Heartland) as Ange Finch, Geoff Gustafson (Hot Tub Time Machine) as Ken Leeds, Danny Rahim (EastEnders) as Mac Rendell.

Andrew-Lee Potts will reprise his role as Connor from the original series for a guest spot in the opener.

Stargate and Sanctuary director/executive producer Martin Wood has been brought on-board as one of the directors. Other directors who will helm various episodes include Andy Mikita and Amanda Tapping. Also confirmed is Mike Rohl, who has been involved with shows such as The Outer Limits, Smallville, Sanctuary and Eureka, Supernatural.

The 13-episode series will premiere on Canadian channel Space this Autumn. In the UK, Watch have picked up the show for broadcast late 2012.

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  • Morgana

    WAAAH!!!! Sorry, but I don’t want no spinoff, I want PRIMEVAL!

  • EternityDragon

    You CANNOT have Conner without Abby now.

    • Calebxy

      It will be interesting to see how they explain that. 

      • EternityDragon

         “Oh yeah, she got mauled by a bunch of velociraptors”

        “Some husband you are”

      • alex_494

        “She’s pregnant, she couldn’t come.”

        Cue the reveal that Series 6 being canceled was a HOAX! AN ELABORATE HOAX! AHAHAHAHA….aha…heh….*sobs*

  • Pengu

    Yeah this will all be very believable, don’t forget Connor saved him and Abby from being stuck in the past forever, and so i ask WHERE IS ABBY? She has to be in it as i am sure if she is dead/killed by a beast that came through an anomaly Connor would have probably never returned to the ARC, even though he is a strong character like we know him, he just would not return. However if he only goes back as a guest for the series opener i am not sure what will happen then, maybe they will say ‘Abby is on holiday.’ Certainly sounds like him (a bit).

  • MarkyMark Surrey

    Oh great i thought this might be an attempt and a decent show. So far it looks like a commercial for hair product, lots of pretty boys and girls. One wonders if they will bother with aplot/story or will it just be crap about their “relationships”

  • Jacob Graham


  • Charlotte Lustig

    Will the new show be broadcast on an American network?  We watched the original Primeval on BBC.

  • Remco de vries

    they can stuff this show. i want the real primeval. not some canadian fake spinoff.


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