• WAAAH!!!! Sorry, but I don’t want no spinoff, I want PRIMEVAL!

  • You CANNOT have Conner without Abby now.

    • Calebxy

      It will be interesting to see how they explain that. 

      •  “Oh yeah, she got mauled by a bunch of velociraptors”

        “Some husband you are”

      • alex_494

        “She’s pregnant, she couldn’t come.”

        Cue the reveal that Series 6 being canceled was a HOAX! AN ELABORATE HOAX! AHAHAHAHA….aha…heh….*sobs*

  • Yeah this will all be very believable, don’t forget Connor saved him and Abby from being stuck in the past forever, and so i ask WHERE IS ABBY? She has to be in it as i am sure if she is dead/killed by a beast that came through an anomaly Connor would have probably never returned to the ARC, even though he is a strong character like we know him, he just would not return. However if he only goes back as a guest for the series opener i am not sure what will happen then, maybe they will say ‘Abby is on holiday.’ Certainly sounds like him (a bit).

  • Oh great i thought this might be an attempt and a decent show. So far it looks like a commercial for hair product, lots of pretty boys and girls. One wonders if they will bother with aplot/story or will it just be crap about their “relationships”


  • Will the new show be broadcast on an American network?  We watched the original Primeval on BBC.

  • Remco de vries

    they can stuff this show. i want the real primeval. not some canadian fake spinoff.