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Primeval: New World: 113 “The Sound of Thunder: Part 2” Review – Cult Fix
  • Missing Dr. Who and Angry PK-S

    I have never watched Primeval, I’ve only heard about it and it brings much joy to people such as yourself David. Now it’s over you must be devastated and I really feel for you.

    What will you next be reviewing for Cult Fix? I like your angle on things, I’d like to see more from you.

    • Harry Jewell

      I agree.
      I think that 2012/2013 has been terrible for TV.
      Merlin was axed.
      Being Human was axed.
      Primeval has now finally been axed as well.
      Misfits has been axed as well.
      I can’t think of many hard hitting TV shows still on, that are dramas.
      Well… Sherlock but that is one in a small number that are good and surviving.
      Doctor Who, but the BBC are hugely fond of the show.
      How many other good shows are there left?
      Doctor Who and Sherlock. Is that it? Because if it is then this is a terrible time or British entertainment. Are there any only UK shows that are good left as Homeland is based in the US.
      Maybe Broadchurch will help British TV? But as Broadchurch is a crime series, the killer will be found out at the series climax, so what then?
      Maybe it will become a story arc spread across a few series, 1 or 2 more?
      I hope I have gotten my message across.
      Goodbye…. For now.

      • Missing Dr. Who and Angry PK-S

        I’m devastated that one day unfortunately soon Broadchurch will end.

        I don’t think I’ll be reviewing much after that but there’s something very exciting coming up.

        • Harry Jewell

          That is unfortunately true.
          Also what is that “exciting thing coming up”?

      • Calm down. Those shows were not ‘axed’. They came to a natural ending. If anything, this is great as we’ll get to see what the BBC can create next.

        • Harry Jewell

          I guess i was a little hasty. The BBC are now at a point where they have mostly, the right budget and the right producers and writers, maybe the future for British TV isn’t so bleak after all…

    • It’s pretty bad, yes. But it was axed back in Series 3 and brought back so it’s not what I’d call a novel experience – I guess it’s like losing a pet for the second time; really sad, but not quite as hard as the first one.

      I’m doing a full-series review and a few one-off articles for Primeval. After that, I’ll have to see. We’ve had a few discussions but haven’t come to any definite conclusion about anything yet.

      • Harry Jewell

        Well…I’m looking forward to your full series review and one off articles. But possibly Primeval hasn’t ended as the producers (maybe someone else official, I’m not 100 percent sure), said that they are looking for another network to pick up the show. I hope this is true.

  • Calebxy

    “It seems mad, to me, that with such an obvious way to stay truthful to the original events of Brooke’s death, they chose to completely ignore it.”

    Umm… that was kind of the point. They changed a whole bunch stuff that was supposed to happen, so now time is changing/in chaos/whatever. That was the entire point of the ending.

    Also, the ending of this (and the whole idea of going back to what happened in the first episode of the series, sort of) reminded me a lot of series 1. The cliffhanger was quite similar.

    • I understand your point, it just seemed to me like the jacket actually being Connor’s would have been quite a good twist. But if it’s the jacket which caused all those Anomalies to shut, then I sort of get the idea.

      Yes, and me. It just seemed pointless, really; the show was already in jeopardy, whereas in Series 1, the writers were almost certain that it would continue.

      Also, I don’t know why editing time would cause the Anomalies to close. That’s the main thing I want an explanation about.

      • Calebxy

        Ah, I see what you mean. But I think since they still would have changed a lot anyway (for instance, he didn’t have the anomaly detection device), the fact that he was actually wearing different clothes made it more evident to the viewers that yes, this is different to how it happened before. If he had been wearing the same jacket, then it would seem at first glance that it was the same, even though there was a bunch of other vitally important stuff that was different (though perhaps that would actually have been better, because then the viewers don’t know why time is being effected until they think about it more).

        I admit, I was quite annoyed at the fact that it ended on a cliffhanger, but at least it left me extremely intrigued as to what life is going to be like when/if they get back through the anomaly. I sincerely hope that another channel picks up this show so it can continue.

        Though overall, I thought this was a very good episode. I liked it a lot, though I thought the slow-motion at the end was much too excessive.

  • This wasn’t a good show. It did not live up to the standards of the British Primeval series. Actually, series 1-3 of Primeval is how I like to remember it. I always felt even Series 4 & 5 were a bit weak.

    • Harry Jewell

      Yo aren’t the only person who thinks that. A lot of people think Series 4 is where Primeval went wrong.

      • Peripherus

        Series 3 was where it went wrong, look at the ratings. As soon as Cutter dies, and Danny comes, the ratings go down from 5-6 million to 0.5 million.

        • Harry Jewell

          Too True. Doctor Who hugely beat it in ratings, from past Series 3 onwards. Series 3 and before it was close but Doctor Who mostly won.