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Primeval: New World: 112 “The Sound of Thunder: Part 1″ Review


Reviewed by David Selby.

After somewhere around seven years’ worth of series’, cancellations, revivals and procrastinations, Primeval, it seems, is finally nearing its conclusion, as we enter the final two-part story of the sixth and probably final series of the originally British time-travelling thriller.

The show has undeniably changed from the initial format. It started off as a brilliant, albeit conservative, science-fiction programme about a professor, his ‘geeky’ students and his enigmatic wife; a band of dinosaur-hunters who dealt with the creatures that came through Anomalies. It wasn’t too daring, and, whilst there were some light subplots, there wasn’t a huge focus on the characters the way there is now. It was ITV’s answer to Doctor Who. Six series on, however, a lot has changed, and the whole setup has morphed into something new. There is much more focus on character development, and a lot has been discovered about the Anomalies – in fact, I don’t think it’s even trying to be like Doctor Who anymore, which is probably a good thing. But I still think it’s important that a final series (little did they know this whilst filming) pays homage to its predecessor. That’s a reason why I particularly enjoyed this episode: it’s quintessential Primeval.

I’m still a little indecisive about whether the recurrent opening is an established tradition or simply a tried-and-tested cliché. But the nature of this week’s ferocious predator meant that the ‘opening death’ had a slightly surprising touch; the villain remained unseen; unique and mysterious.

The little scenes at Project Magnet at the start were good, because they made decent use of the events of last week’s courtroom-drama esque episode, The Inquisition. The relationship between Ange (Miranda Frigon) and Evan (Niall Matter) is at its most tense, and as Ange’s opposing views to Evan make her feel cold towards him, I spent most of the episode feeling much the same towards her.

Toby Nance (Crystal Lowe) is perhaps the character I’d say has changed for the best since the start of the series(with the exception of Ken Leeds). In fact, I remember jokingly commenting on her very ‘superficial’ character back in the third episode, Fear of Flying – from my review, I quote: “Even Toby improved, with two signs of human emotion: […] I’m nigh on impressed”. The fact that Toby is now one of my favourite characters has shown how much a writer can make their creations progress over the length of a series. She’s become strong, well-grounded and intelligent; never ceasing to amaze Evan with her zeal and alacrity, even working for the team on her potential deathbed. I’m glad they picked Toby as the sting victim because she’s the one I’m the most concerned for.

I was glad to finally see the return of the Anomaly junction, especially as the high concentration of Anomalies was briefly explained by scientific theory, meaning that there’s been some clear thought into their return. It puts a spin on the storyline which was beginning to bear a large resemblance to the second episode of Series 1 – it seems a little convenient how Evan and Dylan (Sara Canning) found the right Anomaly straight away; I’d have liked this episode to be a little like the time-chase from the Series 3 finale.

Ken Leeds (Geoff Gustafson) was once again fascinating to watch; displaying both moral and immoral qualities, leaving the audience uncertain about him. I hope we’re able to reach some kind of conclusion next week, where Ken will hopefully go one way or the other.

Finally, the creature wasn’t used terribly well, and seemed a bit… slow? I’d have liked it to be a bit more threatening. But the ending made up for this, with one of the most emotional and edge-of-your-seat cliff-hangers yet.

Overall Verdict: 8.5/10

Whilst the Canadian spin-off is quite a bleak version of the original, it is, in many ways, more adventurous and action-packed, whilst also being a lot more character-centred and adult; a refreshing change, with some superb concepts. This episode was a prime example of this, and, whilst it’s hard to judge as it is the first in a two-parter, it was very entertaining, and has given me hope that the series will be resolved well next week.

What am I looking for in The Sound of Thunder: Part 2? Well, for a start, I’d like to see Ken Leeds get some closure. I’d like to see the Colonel’s cold ambition cause him to learn a harsh lesson about messing with nature, and I’d like Ange to learn the brutality of her actions. I don’t mind a cliff-hanger, because it raises the chances of another series, but I hope some of the core mysteries are explained, particularly Mac’s duplicate. I’m excited to see how Primeval tackles its first official two-parter, as it’s able to take ideas to flesh out so that we can see them in all their splendour.

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  • Cyberdan99

    Hate to say it, but after watching this one I had to go on YouTube and watch Part 2, which has already aired on Space. It is absolutely amazing.

    • TheGenie

      Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Did it tie up all loose-ends?

      • CountdownsAreAwesome

        It did tie up already existing loose ends but it also created some more.

        • TheGenie

          Oh dear. Oh well, if it explains the Mac plot, I’ll be happy. I’ve already got an idea about that one.

          • Cyberdan99

            That is pretty much explained, even if it is slightly confusing!

  • CommenterInTheWi-Fi

    Another cracking review David! I’ve really enjoyed your reviews of this series, and you’ve persuaded me to buy the DVD, although I think I’ll wait a while before buying it or perhaps wait for my birthday in June. :D

    Also, I know this isn’t related to Primeval but I – and probably a lot of other DWTV members as well – was just wondering if you’re feeling okay now after your hamster’s death. :)

    • TheGenie

      Thanks. Did you see the original series? If so, I’d highly recommend this.

      Thanks so much for asking. I was severely depressed for a while; it was my first ‘adult’ experience of loss, so I found it really hard, and the memory of haivng him put down and the last time I saw him kept coming back, which was quite a struggle. But to help me get over it I’ve got another Hamster as I was sobbing before every time I walked past his cage, so I think having another one has helped me to get over that. He’s a Syrian (unlike my last who was a Russian Dwarf). He’s called Barney and is really friendly and fun – I wasn’t planning on getting one but I was feeling really down and he was being picked on by the other Hamsters in the pet shop, so he’s pretty pleased to be out of there.

      Thanks for checking on me. I hear it’s anarchy over at DoctorWhoTV.

      • CommenterInTheWi-Fi

        Yes, I have seen the original series and really enjoyed it (although Series 4 and 5 were quite weak). I can’t wait to check this out. It sounds very interesting, but the fact I do not have Sky (which, of course, means I don’t have Watch) has prevented me from viewing it. I’ve debated watching it online but have never got round to doing so.

        • Nova Doctor

          I wondered what happened while I was on holiday thanks for clarifying, it would be a shame if we lost the general discussion page due to it.

  • Esterath

    Great review David as always! I must get the box set of this when its out! How you feeling about your poor hamster? Was so sorry to hear about it. :( DWTV comments all now under moderation and the Whoniverse Discussion page is closed due to a lot of off topic comments.

    • TheGenie


      Thank you for your support. For the full explanation about that, I’ll refer you below to my reply to @IAmTheCommenter:disqus .

  • Nova Doctor

    I only looked at the score given that when I get round to it I want the episode to be a surprise. I find it a shame the series seems to be picking up in quality only to be cancelled, it seems Primeval is one of the worst treated shows in the history of television anyhow I finally finished series 2 and wow it was amazing. I just loved everything about it (with the exception of Hannah Spearritt as Abbey).

    Sorry to hear about your pet I was on holiday when you announced the news but I hope you are okay.

    • TheGenie

      Glad you enjoyed it (what did you think of the finale?). You’re onto Series 3 now, so don’t read anything beforehand – that’s very important. And don’t worry about Abbey; she improves considerably in Series 4-5.

      Thanks – I was pretty devastated at first but I’m feeling better now.

      • Nova Doctor

        I found the final to be amazing, I really liked seeing the future predators return because I thought they were a great concept. I thought it was a great sequence seeing James take on the future predator. The death at the ending felt a little bit forced but I like the fact that Primeval isn’t afraid to kill of main characters like many shows do.

        I also loved the arc and think it was a great idea and I cant believe the twist with Jenny, even though she is on the cover of the series 2 DVD I didn’t notice her and it came as a massive surprise at the end of the first episode.

        • TheGenie

          I’m glad you enjoyed it.

          Series 3 is my favourite series, and there are way more twists yet to come. I particularly enjoy the third and fifth episodes, but don’t read up on them!

  • Harry Jewell

    The next episode is sadly the last Primeval episode because unfortunately, I don’t think a network will be willing to pick this show up…which is a huge shame.


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