• PK-S.

    Primeval is ending, and although I know nothing of this show I am saddened. It clearly brought joy to many and it’s cancellation will live a whole in many’s hearts.

    Now that its drawing near, so will the reviews.. what will you review next my dear David?

    • It’s devastating in particular that because the cancellation was so sudden, we’ll never get an answer to the show’s core mystery – I just hope Series 6 doesn’t end on a cliff-hanger. I will be furious.

      Well, I’m planning to write some tribute feature articles for Primeval (I think I’m allowed to say that…?), but after that I don’t know. There’s so much on at the moment; Prisoner’s Wives, Broadchurch, Lightfields, Afterlife, Primeval that I have to watch everything on repeats, so I wouldn’t be a very good reviewer for anything else! Perhaps if I see something that is good cult viewing or I fancy writing an article on a show, I might do that. CultFix have been great to work for (as I’m sure you know). Thanks for the comment.

      • Nova Doctor

        Out of question you mention series 6 has this been confirmed ?

        • Series 6 is the one on now. I see no point in counting it as a different show!

          • Nova Doctor

            You had me excited for a minute , I thought you meant a sixth one of the original series had been confirmed.

          • The cast changes so regularly throughout that to be honest this may as well be Series 6. By Series 5, there’s a new base, new team members (Jess, Becker, Matt, Danny) and even new future predators. The only major difference in Series 6 is that old characters only return occasionally, and that it’s set in another country..