• TheDoctorIsAwesome

    A great review, well done. I’d have given a lower rating when I first watched I wasn’t too impressed with the opener but I feel the later episodes are better. Also to correct you the woman who died was his wife not girlfriend.

    • Thanks. And thank you for the correction. It’s very much like the Cutter/Helen scenario, then.

  • Matt to Matt, ‘you have to go back’ will we ever know why????

  • Guest

    Well done!

    You’re now writing for Culfix! Amazing!
    I watched this yesterday and it was okay (no too bad)

    Great reviews!

    • Thank you. Who are you, may I ask? You’ve just come up as guest.

  • That Awkward Silent

    Great review, but I’m not watching. I have given up on Primeval after the travesty that was series 5. I may pick this up on DVD and give it a try but honestly, I’m not really bothered.