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Primeval: New World Details

More details on New World, Primeval’s new 13-episode American spin-off, have emerged.

Primeval co-creator Tim Haines explained the basic premise to SFX and said the spin-off won’t ignore the UK show and will actually crossover a little.

“Imagine CSI – so the people in Miami do it, the people in New York do it. Essentially anomalies start appearing on the Northern latitudes, and they’ve got to cope with it. And there is a little bit of crossover in the first episode, and then we’ll see how it goes after that. Mostly they’ll be getting on with it themselves.”

Haines added that familiar characters from the UK show might also make an appearance: “We’ve only got one at the moment – we haven’t worked that out.”

Filming is set to take place next year, with a planned Autumn 2012 broadcast.

And lastly, Haines offered an update on a Primeval movie which is still going to go ahead:  “Obviously movies do their own kind of thing, but Jeff Pinkner [of Fringe fame] is the writer, and as far as I know he’s redrafting.”

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  • Platypus With a Fez


    • Frank Quintana

      how? clone them? Stephen was ripped apart by predators, raptors, ect. Cutter has been baryed for over a year, no viable DNA from both. I think it would be funny if Conner and Addy go to Canada on there honeymoon and an anomaly opens up outside there cabin. XD

      • Platypus With a Fez

        Yeah, that could be cool.
        But if Primeval itself were to continue, they could make a special where an anomaly opens up to when Cutter and Stephen were still alive.


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