• Guest

    Great episode. Good to have the show back. Shame they didn’t explain Sarah’s death at all.

  • really good episode but i thought sarah left and did she die through her job or like an aciddent on the road or something?

  • jk kid

    one of the new characters kept somehow distracting me from the whole story plot

    • who? philp burton? guy with the beard?

      • jk kid

        i forgot character name and whilst im in a rush ill tell you quickly.The girk on the controls she keeps getting too much out of her job and saying like go away this is my station or this is just made up this speech dont you dare touch my station

        • oh jess, nah shes ok, shes nice and friendly and when she says stay of my station shes just mucking about having fun

  • jk kid

    at the end whos that man matts talking too?