• Joel Mole

    I am very surprised you gave this a positive score. This looks dated and awful but I may see it when it comes out on dvd

    • PK-S

      The spoof on talent shows, as I said above, is a bit stale nowadays and the film feels like it should have been made round about 2007 but it’s still enjoyable. It wasn’t marketed to me but I’m glad I enjoyed it, and I hope you do too, if you get round to watching it.

  • Mark M

    Don’t think this one would be my kind of film, may give it a shot when it comes out on DVD though. Nonetheless excellent review Patrick, an enjoyable read as always =)

    • PK-S

      Ah, but Mark, Postman Pat‘s for everyone! ;-) I wouldn’t rush out to see it but I’d advise not instantly passing on it if you have the chance.

      That means a lot coming from you, thanks! Also, I’m sorry to hear about The Tomorrow People, I know you love that show and I’ll miss your top notch reviews (fingers crossed you can find something to plug the gap).